Hare & Field

If you haven’t visited the small town of Travelers Rest, South Carolina, also known as T.R. You should put it on your to do list, even if it is just to check out for lunch or dinner. The dining scene has picked up a lot in the last few years and T.R. has a lot of delicious options. “S” and I visited one of the newest dining options, Hare and Field, an American-style gastropub.

Hare and Field is located on South Main Street in Travelers Rest, right on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. While a perfect location for grabbing some food after a bike ride from Downtown Greenville, it may be an uncomfortable ride back feeling stuffed with the amazing comfort food of the Hare and Field menu, which boasts of items such as fried buffalo alligator and cajun crab dip on the starter menu, and fish and chips, banging chicken and waffles served with collard greens, and ‘a really good burger’ on their list of entrees.

The Southern Fellow Experience

“S” and I visited on a rainy Saturday night for a date night, which wasn’t very busy. After a very busy and stressful week for the both of us, a night of cocktails and comfort food was definitely due.  In order to maximize the amount of food we tried, we split several things on the menu. For appetizers, we had the poke tuna lettuce wraps and the #yeahthathammie. The poke tuna lettuce wraps, which were dressed with radicchio, kimchi, cashews, wasabi aoli and sesame seeds, were delicious and a great starter for the night. “S” thought they may have been too spicy for me, but I didn’t have a big problem with the spice level. (I am not a fan of spicy, if you didn’t know.) The #yeahthathammie was delicious! Think like the little ham and cheese sliders from baby shower or church functions, just elevated AF, or just elevated if you would prefer to not use the phrase “AF”. The #yeahthatsammie is smoked ham on brioche with benne, swiss, and dijon.

For our second course, we shared the smoked lobster mac and cheese. We felt the lobster was a little more well-done than what we would have liked, but the dish as a whole was delicious! Bentons bacon, cheese for days, and noodles served with a lobster claw? Yes, please!

So, here is where the decision making got hard for us. We wanted all of the things, but we only had 2 stomaches (1 each, of course). After narrowing all of the choices down to see what each of us really wanted, we decided on the big mater sandwich with rosemary fries and the grilled cheese on crack with roasted potato salad. The big mater sandwich- thick cut tomatoes, basil aioli, victory seeds and micro arugula served on Texas toast was tasty and refreshing! It would highly be recommended for a summer day on their covered patio with a glass of Sangria. The grilled cheese definitely hit the spot, as it was made with gruyere cheese, braised benton’s bacon, caramelized apples and onions.

Side note: The rosemary fries…I. Can. Not! I cannot put words to describe them! So, good!

For dessert, we had the Sunday cake, which we took a bite of and had to take the rest to go because we were so full. But, it, like the rest of the meal was delicious!

To drink, I had the Last Word and Don’t take me for Pomegranate. Both were great cocktails, but the Last Word was definitely a winner in my book.

While you can find comfort food just about anywhere, Hare and Field should definitely be at the top of your list if you’re in the mood for a drive and some delicious bites.

Hare & Field Website

Hare & Field Menu

Hare & Field Facebook

Hare & Field Instagram

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