The Kennedy

With innovative burgers at Cribbs Kitchen and delicious tacos at Willy Taco, the Cribb family has been changing the culinary scene in Spartanburg for quite sometime. Spartanburg’s newest restaurant, The Kennedy, is not an exception to having a creative menu with delectable bites that will add a small plates menu to the number of eats attached to the Cribb name.

The Kennedy is a small plate focused restaurant in downtown Spartanburg. With its trendy art-deco vibe the restaurant strives to cater to those looking for a delicious casual dinner and those desiring a unique date night in the city.

While the menu at The Kennedy is definitely different from the casual entrees at Cribbs, Willy Taco, and Fr8yard, it is full of the innovative dishes we have all come to love from the Cribbs. The Kennedy offers a variety of dishes that are perfect for sharing, if you want to try the whole menu, or you could be selfish and just order a couple for yourself.

Southern Fellow Experience

During my dining experience, I sat at the bar on a Sunday evening. The restaurant had a few patrons, but the bar is fairly small and was almost full.

For dinner, I had four small plates. My first plate was the gnocci, served with garden peas, preserved greens, pecorino, and sweet cream corn. What a great start! My next plate was the pork belly, served with grits and a quail egg. It was so good and the pork belly was cooked to perfection! My third dish was the charred octopus served with butter bean, celery root, tomato, and okra. Talk about delicious! Everything was cooked so well and tasted delicious! My fourth dish was the uni udon, which was absolutely delicious!

To drink, I had the Smooch Hooch and the Raffles the Elephant. Both drinks were delicious and well made!

Service at the bar was great! The bartender made great suggestions and was attentive during my visit.

The Kennedy is not an exception to the delicious food we have come to associate with the Cribb family name. But no need to take my word for it, do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself.

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