Tacos + Tequila = Fiesta


It’s no secret Greenville doesn’t have a shortage on tacos. Due to the versatility of this Mexican dish, it can be found in many variations throughout the area on a variety of menus, but who has the best tacos in town? Well, that’s a question that you can get closer to the answer with the participants of this year’s event hosted by High Spirit Hospitality: Tacos ‘N Tequila Fiesta presented by Lunazul 100% Agave Tequila on March 25!


In 2017, the event’s first year, Tacos ‘N Tequila sold out with 800+ tickets, which translated to 6000+ tacos made and 60+ gallons of Lunazul 100% Agave Tequila. A few of our upstate favorite taco places, such as Willy Taco, Nacho Taco, and Papi’s Tacos, were present in the chef competition, along with Asheville-based White Duck Taco, who joined the Greenville market later in 2017. There were also some hometown favorites we don’t typically see in the taco market, such as Restaurant 17 and Ji-roz. The bartender challenge brought some tough competition from a variety of Upstate restaurants, like Sticky Fingers, Tipsy Taco, Up on the Roof, The Nose Dive, and Ink N Ivy to name a few.

So, what can you expect when you buy your ticket for the fiesta on March 25?

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For starters, tacos and tequila for days, of course! (Not really days, but a few hours) Restaurant 17 (winner of Most Creative Taco 2017 & People’s Choice Taco 2017), Gringo’s (winner of People’s Choice Cocktail 2017), and Ji-roz (winner of Social Media Star) will all be back this year! Newcomers to the Upstate taco scene, Farmhouse Tacos and Tacos and Mas, will also be competing in the Chef’s Challenge. The Bartender’s Battle will also bring some new competition with Encore Gastrolounge, Topside Pool Club, and Tilt Arcade battling it out with Bar Louie, Restaurant 17, Roost, and Wild Ace Pizza & Pub.

Let me just take a moment to say, I’m SUPER excited about Restaurant 17 coming back this year! The handmade tortillas from Chef Nick and his crew last year were amazing! Good Life Catering, catered my wedding, so I’m very aware of what Chef Shane can do in the kitchen and I’m sure his tacos will be delicious! While I’m late trying Farmhouse Tacos and Tacos and Mas, I’ve seen and heard so many good things and can’t see what they come up with! I’m also looking forward to trying the cocktail from Encore Gastrolounge, since I have yet to check them out either!

Last year the event sold out, and I know quite a number of people that missed out on tickets. Don’t be one of those people!

Tickets can be bought here

Tacos ‘N Tequila Fiesta Website

Tacos ‘N Tequila Fiesta Instagram

Tacos ‘N Tequila Fiesta Facebook

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