The Never Blue

Hendersonville, North Carolina…I have no idea what they are known for besides their popular apple festival during Labor Day weekend, but if you are in the area or even just feel like taking a short drive from Upstate South Carolina or other parts of Western North Carolina, The Never Blue should be on your list of places to check out.

The Never Blue is an eclectic tapas restaurant on Main Street in Hendersonville, owned and operated by Chef Jesse Roque. Decorated with bright colors and local artwork, Never Blue lives up to its name because delicious food and a funky vibe always put people in a good mood.

Southern Fellow Experience

S and I visited Never Blue for lunch on the way to Highlands, North Carolina for the Highlands Food and Wine Festival. Never Blue has been on my radar for a while, but after a discussion about entomophagy, insects as human food, I thought S and I should definitely make a trip to Never Blue for the roasted cricket tacos.

During our visit we shared four different tapas- Chapulines (cricket taco), BBQ pork nachos, beets and duck wontons.

I’m sure you’re wondering about these cricket tacos, so I’ll talk about those first. The crickets are roasted and served with a corn and heirloom tomato salsa and queso fresco. They were pretty good, but if you’re a texture person beware once you feel a leg or a wing, you’ll probably be done. I definitely suggest it, just to say you’ve at least done it.

The duck wontons were definitely a favorite! They are smoked duck bacon, sweet corn and cream cheese deep fried and served with jezabel sauce and lime-ginger sauce.

The BBQ nachos were delicious- house-made Korean bbq pork with a spicy charred poblano queso, house-pickled jalapeños, cilantro, lime, and red onions.

The beets were Malbec-brown sugar roasted red beets and Chardonnay-ginger pickled golden beets served with a goat cheese mousse, Marcona almonds, and a balsamic gastique. Definitely the most interesting beets I’ve ever had, but also really good and gluten-free!

We also enjoyed some dessert and let me tell you, you need all of it in your life! S has the Waffle puddin’- a NOLA style praline croissant bread pudding Waffle served warm with caramelized hazelnut butter ice cream and a sticky toffee-cognac sauce. Genius! I enjoyed the classic creme brûlée, which is served with fresh berries!

Of course, what meal is complete without drinks! Unfortunately, I didn’t do a good job note taking drink names, but S really enjoyed the espresso cocktail!

While cricket tacos may not be on everyone’s list of things to try, Never Blue should definitely be on your list of restaurants to visit if you’re near Hendersonville!

Never Blue website

Never Blue Menu

Never Blue Facebook

Never Blue Instagram

2 responses to “The Never Blue

  1. With as many good things as I’ve heard about Never Blue, I can’t believe I’ve not been! Thanks for the reminder – it’s going on the 2018 list!!


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