LTO Burger Bar

In the restaurant industry “lto” stands for lettuce, tomato, and onion, but in Greenville, SC, it stands for a pretty cool burger bar with an eclectic menu of burgers, sandwiches, and boozy shakes. While you can probably find a burger anywhere around Greenville between the “fancy” and not-so fancy chains, family-owned diners, and any other restaurant in the area, LTO gives a fun and innovative twist to the American staple using a variety of toppings and house-made sauces.

LTO is a casual dining restaurant in the Cherrydale area of Greenville with retro decor featuring local art and even an arcade game. The menu features a number of burgers with innovative topping combinations like The King of Memphis (a beef burger topped with peanut butter, bacon, banana jam, lettuce, tomato and onion), “almost burgers”, aka sandwiches made with a protein that is not beef such as The Earth Quack Club (ground duck with devil on horseback jam, sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion served on a brioche bun), and salads that can have anything from ahi tuna to ground duck or even a black bean patty. The appetizer menu features The Three Way of Love (hand-cut chips served with french onion dip, chili con queso, and guacamole) and Pretzel Power (hot buttered pretzels with pickled mustard seed and smoked gouda queso). The Shake Your Booty milkshake menu will be blow your mind for desserts, just think over the top milkshakes like the Stone Cold Sally (a peanut butter milkshake served with fruity pebbles, bugles, crumbled butterfingers and twinkie) and The Puddin’ Next Door featuring Southern Culture’s banana puddin’-check out LTO’s instagram feed for pictures of these beauties.

And yes, there is a kid’s menu with more “traditional” items.

LTO’s drink menu features handcrafted cocktails, boozy milkshakes, and La Croixtails. Yes, you read that last feature correctly, cocktails make with the sparkling flavored water La Croix.

FYI- This menu makes me so happy! It reminds me of the fantastic combinations of food I would put together as a kid before society said, “you can’t do that”.

Southern Fellow Experience

So, I have visited LTO Burger Bar a few times. Each time I receive great service. I sat at the bar twice and in a booth once. My first visit I had the Bad Mamma Jamma, a messy, but delicious, crispy pork belly sandwich from the “Almost Burger” section of the menu topped with sloppy joe chili and poblano cheese served on a brioche bun. The second visit, I had the Smokey and the Bandit, a scrumptious beef burger with bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, BBQ molasses mop sauce, and, of course, lettuce, tomato and onion. My third visit, I had the Dude on the Sofa, a beef burger with french onion cream cheese, house-made potato chips, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and onion. This is probably my favorite so far, mainly because it has chips on it, because adding that little crunch to your burger just heightens the experience of it.

Pro-Tip: Get the Greenbriar Grass-fed beef for $2 more…soooo good!!!

Dude on the Sofa- beef burger with french onion cream cheese, pickles, and house-made potato chips

Bad Mamma Jamma- crispy pork belly with sloppy joe and poblano cheese

Grateful Garcia- a beef burger with field mushrooms, bacon, whipped blue cheese, and steak sauce

Smokey and the Bandit- beef burger with bacon, BBQ mop sauce, and sharp cheddar

To drink, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Berry Basic, a La Croixtail made with gin, St. Germain, strawberry, lavender, and berry La Croix. S really liked the Stay Gold Ponyboy, a bourbon-based cocktail with fernet-branca, lemon, ginger, honey and angostura bitters. I have not had enough room in my belly for one of the Shake Your Booty milkshakes, but I did try one of the boozy shakes, and the tangerine dreamsicle is delicious!

tangerine orangesicle

I definitely recommend you check out LTO Burger Bar! Check out some of their specials going on throughout the week like Disco Happy Hour 10pm until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights featuring a $5 Disco burger, Dive Nachos (a fave from Dive N Boar), and, of course, drink specials!

LTO Burger Bar Website

LTO dinner menu

LTO kid’s menu

LTO drink menu

LTO Instagram

LTO Facebook

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