Friday Five: Highlands Food & Wine 2017

This past weekend I was able to hang out in Highlands, North Carolina for their food and wine festival. I checked out 3 of the events that went on this weekend. Today’s Friday Five are my five favorite things I had from the Highlands Food and Wine Festival, and let me tell you, it was a very tough decision.


Seared Diver Scallops by Chris Huerta from Madison’s Restaurant in Highlands, NC.


The scallop was cooked perfectly in a cast iron skillet and served with warm Carringer Farm potato salad, Benton’s bacon, citrus brown butter candy roaster puree, crispy onions, and a spiced bacon vinaigrette. This was an absolute delight to enjoy at the Grand Tasting on Thursday night and set a very nice tone for the weekend.

Madison’s Website

Madison’s Menu


Venison and Black Angus Beef Chili by Johannes Klapdohr from The Library Kitchen & Bar in Sapphire, NC


The chili was perfect for a chilly day (no pun intended) at The Main Event. The sun was out for the Main Street festival, but being tucked in between the buildings of Highlands made it a cool afternoon. The venison and black angus beef chili was being cooked on-site with local mushrooms and dried cherries and served with truffle sour cream and wild onion-sweet corn bread.

The Library Kitchen & Bar Website

The Library Kitchen & Bar Menu


Paella from Steven Musolf of The Lazy Goat in Greenville, SC


First of all, let me say, shout out to the home team for representing so well with so many delicious restaurants at The Main Event! Second of all, I love paella and as many times as I have had it, it has yet to get old! The Lazy Goat served a version of their Lazy Paella, which consists of clasparra rice, calamari, shrimp, mussels, chorizo, green beans and sofrito, for the festival they left out the roasted chicken, but it was still delicious!

The Lazy Goat Website

The Lazy Goat Dinner Menu


Pork Belly Bao from Bun Intended Food Truck from Asheville, NC


To be completely honest, I have never been a huge fan of Asian-inspired food (probably due to bad mall food court food), but it has recently started to grow on me, and that’s due to things like these steam buns from Bun Intended┬áthat I had at Truckin’. Fresh ingredients and absolutely delicious is all I can say. The pork belly bao from Bun Intended is an open steam bun with Thai-BBQ glazed pork belly, daikon, carrots, green onion, and hoisin sauce.

Bun Intended Website

Bun Intended Food Truck Menu


Smoked Hog Jowl Boudin Balls from BrineHaus Meat + Provisions Food Truck from Raliegh, NC


BrineHaus specializes in using whole animals for their dishes, which explains the hog jowl being used for the boudin balls- delicious, nonetheless.

BrineHaus Meat + Provisions Facebook

While this is not an infinite list of the amazing food I had in Highlands, these are what I think were my top 5 favorite dishes!

Special thank you to Eleven Events, Ashley Brown Strategy and Highlands Chamber of Commerce for having me experience such a phenomenal event!

Follow Highlands Food and Wine on social media to find out about next year’s event, typically the 2nd week end of November.

Highlands Food and Wine Website

Highlands Food and Wine Facebook

Highlands Food and Wine Instagram

Highlands Food and Wine Twitter

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