Friday Five: Sip

Greenville’s first rooftop bar, Sip, has just experienced a menu upgrade from Chef Troy Gagliardo, the corporate executive chef of the Charlotte-based The Bottle Cap Group. While I am sure many of us have not eaten at Sip due to either not knowing they had food or not having a menu that really appealed to us (I fall in the latter category), Chef Troy and The Bottle Cap Group are hoping to change that with the new menu.

While we have noticed a few minor changes with Sip over the last year, due to The Bottle Cap Group’s purchase, Sip’s goal is to maintain the fun, relaxed atmosphere it has become known for while adding a food component to help change the perception of it being just an after-dinner drinks location. Chef Troy hopes the new menu will be a starting point for the restaurant’s food component and would like to see it grow and eventually incorporate the use of local ingredients.

Without out further delay, here are five things you need in your life from Sip.



Sip is selling popsicles with alcohol in them! (This is not a drill!) While they are not made in house, these popsicles are about 18% alocohol (equivalent to 1 drink) and come in 3 flavors- cosmopolitan, mojito, and margarita! I have only tried the cosmopolitan and it was EVERYTHING!


Bruschetta with Crispy Baguette

Sip is offering 3 different choices for the bruschetta with crispy baguette- tomato and goat cheese, grilled asparagus pesto, and white bean and charred kale. I was fortunate enough to try the tomato and goat cheese and it is absolutely wonderful. The tomatoes and goat cheese pair very well together and this is a great dish to share amongst you and your party.


Avacado Toast

Avacado Toast seems to be making its way into the hearts of everyone nowadays. Chef Troy impressed me with this one. The toast is made from a baguette with avacado (of course), goat cheese, sun-dried tomato and green onion. This is another good one to share with the table (or couches).


Hummus with Naan Bread

Sip offers 3 different flavors of hummus- sun-dried tomato and garlic, charred eggplant hummus, and black-eyed pea and chorizo (Don’t worry, you can most certainly have all 3!) My favorite was the sun-dried tomato and garlic!


SIP & Eat Board

Sometimes we all have a little trouble with making decisions, but Sip has made it a little easier with their SIP & Eat board. The SIP & Eat board is a platter with pimento cheese, chorizo, parm, the pickled jar, shisito peppers, bruschetta, and the hummus served with naan. So, why choose one or two when you can sample almost the entire menu!

Check out some pictures of some other great offers on Sip’s new menu below!

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