Mix It Up Monday: Watermelon Fizz


This week’s Mix It Up Monday is the Watermelon Fizz.

So, my mom called me the other day, as she was heading out of town and told me she had a watermelon she recently cut and didn’t want it to rot, which meant I needed to go get it. No big deal, except I’m not a big watermelon person. I don’t know why, but watermelon is not something I just gravitate towards. So, I started thinking of ways to get rid of the watermelon without wasting it. Then it hit me, we are having a party this weekend and I can make a cocktail out of it. Which brings me to the Watermelon Fizz.



1.5 oz Gin (I used Citadelle Gin)

.5 oz Watermelon simple syrup

topped with tonic (I used Fever-Tree Natural Premium)


In a shaker filled with ice, add gin and simple syrup. Shake well and pour into a rocks glass with ice. Top with tonic and garnish with mint. Enjoy this nice refreshing cocktail!


Watermelon simple syrup was made by boiling water and sugar together on the stove. Then adding pieces of watermelon and letting it sit for about an hour and a half. For this particular recipe, we used a blender to blend the pieces of watermelon with the watermelon syrup.

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