Stella’s Southern Brasserie

The owners of one of S and my favorite Simpsonville restaurants, Stella’s Southern Bistro, opened a new restaurant in the developing Verdae area, Stella’s Southern Brasserie. I must admit I was super excited when this restaurant was announced, one because, let’s face it, I love checking out new restaurants, but two, a local restaurant was actually opening a new restaurant in Greenville and outside of the Downtown market.

Unfortunately, it took me a couple of weeks after the opening to make it to Stella’s Southern Brasserie, but let me say, when I finally made it to lunch with S and some friends one day I was not disappointed. Since my first visit, I have been back quite a few times in order to make sure I was able to speak on a few different things.

Stella’s Southern Brasserie is located in the Verdae development across from Legacy Park. The decor is very clean and light. The restaurant features outdoor and indoor seating, as well as seating at the bar, which is perfect for grabbing coffee and a pastry during the day or a cocktail in the evening.


Stella’s Southern Brasserie, or Stella’s Brasserie for short, is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Tuesday through Friday, brunch and dinner on Saturdays and brunch on Sundays.

The Brasserie is much like the Bistro in having a menu that focuses on local ingredients, but is different in that it offers breakfast 4 days during the week. Stella’s Brasserie breakfast menu includes a malted buttermilk banana waffle, which is served with whipped brown butter, candied pecans and maple syrup. There is also a quiche de jour, which is gluten-free and is made with Tyger River mixed greens. You can also order the housemade granola with Split Creek Farm yogurt, which is served with local honey and grilled pineapple. I have to admit, I have yet to make it over for breakfast. It is on my to-do list though.

Now, lunch is something that I have had the pleasure of enjoying there. It was actually my first meal at Stella’s Brasserie. The lunch menu has something for everyone, from salads to sandwiches, mussels & frites, to larger entree plates featuring steak frites and North Carolina mountain trout.

Stella’s brunch menu has a very nice variety of items from both the lunch and the breakfast menus, along with some southern brunch staples such as shrimp and grits. There are even some brunch-centric cocktails like the “Beeter” mimosa (orange and beet juice with a sparkling wine), along with 5 types of bloody marys including one of S’s favorites Michelada (Modelo especial, housemade spiced tomato juice, lime and spices).

The dinner menu at Stella’s Brasserie carries over some of the heavier items from the lunch menu, such as the Brasserie Burger and North Carolina Mountain Trout, in addition to grilled Heritage Farm pork chop and grilled 12oz New York Strip steak.

Just FYI parents, they have a kids menu.

Breakfast menu

Dessert menu

Lunch menu

Brunch menu

Dinner menu

My Experience

Like I noted before, I have visited Stella’s Southern Brasserie a few times in order to give a well-rounded review. Each time I have received great service. My favorite visit was my latest in which I enjoyed dinner alone at the bar. The bartender was very attentive and gave great recommendations, and even offered to surprise me if I had trouble going between menu items.

During my lunch experience, I loved the butcher plate we shared as a table. We had the country paté with pickle relish and grainy mustard, the chicken liver paté with is served with a bacon jam, and the Bethel Trails rabbit rillette. For my entree, I enjoyed the croque madame. The real winner at the table seemed to be the mussels and frites- two people in our group had them and loved them.



Croque Madame

For brunch, I enjoyed the Royal Red shrimp and heirloom tomato panzanella. It was SOOOO good- very light and refreshing. It was really hot that day, so this was a good option on a hot day. I also enjoyed a gin and tonic to drink that day. Stella’s Brasserie has several gins to choose from and have mixed with their housemade tonic. (I recommend Citadelle or The Botanist for London-dry and Hendrix or Malfy, if you’re going for unique and unusual).


Royal Red Shrimp and Heirloom tomato panzanella


Gin & tonic with Citadelle Gin & housemade tonic

During my dinner visit, I had the crispy duck leg, which is served with swiss chard, stewed tomato, white beans, pork belly, and garlic sausage. (fyi-this is gluten-free). Every piece of this dish was delicious, and while I was initially concerned that it wasn’t enough food- it was. To drink, I had a Lychee Sparkler (lychee puree, St. Germaine, white wine, lemon and soda) and the espresso martini. During my visit the espresso martini was not on the cocktail list, but it came as a suggestion from the bartender. (you need it in your life, trust me) For dessert, fortunately for me, I was there when they had a peach cake as a special. OH-EMMMM-GEEEEEEE! So good! And because I am an amazing human being, I did get S a dessert to enjoy after he got off of work. He said the citrus olive oil cake, which is served with a blood orange marmalade and a honey crème fraiche.



Crispy duck leg


Lychee Sparkler


Peach cake and espresso martini

If you haven’t already, check this place out!



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