Friday Five: 5 Things from Asada

I recently got a chance to visit Asada at thier brick and mortor location. If you haven’t heard of Asada, its claim to fame was becoming Greenville’s first food truck, which is named Losa, and later setting up shop with Mac Arnold’s blues restaurant in the Village of West Greenville.


Asada’s menu is inspired by the Mission district of San Francisco featuring staples such as tacos, burritos, nachos and quesadillas, but often features specials influenced by other cuisines from around the world as well.

Asada’s Menu

Asada’s Specials

Southern Fellow’s Experience

So unlike most of my other restaurant reviews, during this visit, I was able to try many different things from Asada’s menu. Here is a list of 5 things you need in your life from Asada.


Grilled Chimichurri Wings & Crispy Rosemary Potatoes

marinated beer-brined chicken wings tossed in Asada’s homemade chimichurri sauce

I love some wings- barbecue, teriyaki, smoked with dry rub, but these made me so happy! First of all, they are not messy! Second of all, the flavor is delicious!


White Sangria

I love sangria and the fact that this is not some made-to-order cocktail makes it so much better. I’m usually a red sangria fan, and I’m not knocking their red version one bit, but the white was a little bit better. Perfect for those summer days.


Bolitas de Yuca con queso (nicknamed Yuca cheeseballs)

Crispy yuca balls with cheese on the inside served with a Peruvian “Huancaina Sauce”

Heads up, the sauce has a little bit of a kick and as a person who dislikes spicy, I thought it was worth it.


Chicken Karraage Taco

Japanese style fried chicken marinated in sake, garlic, ginger and soy sauce topped with a homemade Latin-Asian slaw

First, let me just say, if you order a taco from this place, you don’t need many- if you need more than 1. They are huge and delicious, oh, but this Chicken Karraage Taco is so good! Nice, bold flavors!


The Saturday Special- Chancho asado, mofongo & garbanzo-aji rocoto salad

So, yea, only on Saturdays can you get this plate of deliciousness! Asada does not slack off on the flavors with this dish either.

So, even though this is the Friday 5, I couldn’t let you go without some dessert. The tres leche cake is delicous- VERY sweet, but really delicous!

Check out Asada, you won’t be disappointed.


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