The Anchorage

After months of stalking social media for pop-ups and anticipating opening dates, The Anchorage finally opened in The Village of West Greenville. In case you are wondering, (spoiler alert) the wait was definitely worth it!


The atmosphere at The Anchorage is casual and laid back.


The menu at The Anchorage is ever changing and boasts of a diverse group of small plates of locally and regionally sourced ingredients. If you haven’t heard the vegetables are stars here!

Southern Fellow Experience

To Drink

“S” and I both had the Off the Cuff- a delicious gin based cocktail with egg whites and bitters.

To Eat

Now, for dinner “S” and I shared all of our plates. We ordered three plates and a vegetable. Our waiter described the plate size as “a little bigger than a tapas, but smaller than an American sized appetizer.” Since we tend to share our plates with each other anyway, they seemed to be the perfect size for us.

Here is what we had:

The Bahamian Salted Fish Fritters with aged ham, fennel salad, and preserved lemon.

Slow-cooked Lamb Ribs served with farro antica, goat milk feta, arugula and preserved lemon.

The Duck served with sweet potatoes and Brussel sprouts.

The Wood Roasted Carrots with Asher blue cheese and mint-dill Gremolata

Everything was delicious, but I have to say, I believe the duck and the carrots were my favorites!



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