Friday Five: Lowes Foods


So, this is a list of my 5 favorite things from the Lowes Foods store after my recent visit and tour.


Sip & Shop!

It is just what is implied. You can sip while you shop and I think it is an amazing idea. I can’t tell you how many times I got off of work and really needed a glass of wine, but also needed to get my grocery shopping done. This solves that problem. The small bar, known as The Beer Den, has a number of beers on tap and a pretty nice wine list. If you’re more of a coffee person, check out the in-store coffee shop where you can also get fresh ground coffee beans and delicious chocolate treats!


Customize your meal!

So, what I mean by this is, there are a variety of areas throughout the store where you can mix and match similar products to prepare your meal how you would like. For instance, if you wanted to make a salad using a variety of tomatoes, you grab a container and fill it with different kinds of cherry and grape tomatoes. This can also be done with potatoes, spices and herbs, which you clip yourself at the Pick & Prep.

Side Note: If you hate cutting onions or fruit, Lowes has your back for a small fee.


Kid Friendly!

Now, I do not have kids, but I do appreciate when places make sure that kids are free to be kids while enjoying their establishment. Lowes has done an excellent job of taking children into consideration to enhance their customer’s shopping experience.

While in Lowes Foods, children are given healthy free snacks and should be interacted with from the staff. In the Sausage Works area, children can help the “professors” make the sausage by pressing some buttons in the front of the area. At The Cakery, children will  play and talk to the “Cake Wizards” and after sampling the icing, toss their spoon into the wishing well. The Cakery even hosts cake walks! There is also an area beside Bread Crumbs, where children are able to be musicians, playing pots and pans along with the music.

Oh and at the Chicken Kitchen, they do the chicken dance!



While this is a grocery store after all, Lowes has a number of made in house products as well as a few hard to find products. The fact you can sample anything they make in house is also a plus. “Try before you buy” is a fantastic moto for Lowes to follow, especially in the Sausage Works area. There are a number of creative sausages and this gives you the opportunity to try it and think about what to cook with it while you are shopping in the store. And I can’t forget The Butchery, which has dry-aged beef done in-house.

There is also Sammy’s, which has a variety of sandwiches and Chicken Kitchen has fantastic wings if, I might add.


Sense of Community!

Lowes enjoys being apart of the community and enjoys the community being apart of them. Throughout the Lowes Food stores you will be able to find a number of local products from spice packets to barbecue sauces among other tasty goods; and not only are you able to get local products from your own neighborhood, but Lowes also does some cross-marketing and brings local goods from its other markets to you.

Lowes also partners with organizations and people in the community for events in and outside of the store. Check out the calendar at the entrance to find out what is going on!

While, we currently only have one store in Upstate South Carolina. The chain’s second store will be opening in Five Forks-Simpsonville on February 3rd with even more fantasticness!

Follow Lowes Foods Upstate on Facebook to find out about community events!




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