Mix It Up Monday: The Stankus


This Mix it up Monday cocktail was actually inspired by a cocktail “S” and one of our dear friends, which the drink is name after, had during a visit to Applebee’s. We also used it as our specialty cocktail for our holiday cookie exchange. The Stankus is delicious bourbon based cocktail packed with flavor from bitters and fruit.



2 oz of bourbon rye (preference: Bulliet Rye)

1/2 oz ginger liqueur (preference: Domaine de Canton)

2 dashes of Peychaud’s bitters

2 dashes of orange bitters


cranberry juice


Muddle blackberries in the bottom of your drinking glass. Then add ice.

In a shaker, pour in bourbon, ginger liqueur, Peychaud’s bitters and orange bitters. Shake well and pour into glass. Pour in cranberry juice to fill the rest of the glass and garnish with cranberries or blackberries.


Credit: Coasters by Brandon at Old Post Designs


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