2016’s Thursday Three

Well, 2016 has to an end and as long as I would like to say this year felt, it really went by fast. Here’s a Friday Five for last year:


“S” and I have decided to take our relationship a step further and be in each other’s lives forever (*bats googley eyes*). As of August 18, I am an engaged man and can’t wait for the big day!

Wedding planning has definitely been fun, but because I’ve been planning the big day since I was 5, we knocked a lot of it out REALLY quickly!!



Becoming friends with Brandon from Old Post Designs. Between his camera, design skills and his Cricut he has definitely been a good person to know.

Here is some of his work:

Engagement Photos:

Clothing Iron-ons:





For Christmas, I received a sewing machine! I am so excited to start learning a new craft. Check out this cool dining setting I created!


The placemat is reversible! Look out Pottery Barn…not really! But who knows, maybe an easy shop in the future!


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