The Return of Breakwater

One of Greenville’s most popular restaurants closed a few months ago is now reopen. Breakwater took the West End of Greenville by storm a few years ago, offering a fine dining option to a quiet area of Downtown Greenville with a low country flair. After a few months of their absence, Breakwater has decided to come back with a different mindset.


I visited Breakwater on a Tuesday night and it was a descent crowd for a weeknight. The bar area was pretty full with about 5 or 6 table being occupied in the rest of the restaurant. In my opinion, Breakwater is going for an upscale neighborhood lounge feel with chic couches in the front of the restaurant for great people watching along South Main St.


Breakwater has changed its menu, somewhat, to reflect its new concept and consists of some more casual items, but they have also kept a few of the restaurant’s staples, like the pimento cheese plate, as well as some large plate options. The menu boast of sharable items such as loaded fries, tuna tartare, and spicy calamari. There are also a few items in the “between the bun” are of the menu such as pimento cheese burger and a grilled cheese which is paired with a tomato bisque.

The Southern Fellow’s Experience:

During my visit to Breakwater, I had the Cosmo Blanco to drink, which is a martini made with Ketel Citron, Licor 43, ginger syrup, and white cranberry juice. It was absolutely delicious! I definitely recommend this drink if you visit and are a cosmo drinker. It is a fun twist to a traditional drink. My friend, B., had the Berry Abyss. He said it was delicious.


For dinner, B. had the hotdog- a Nathan’s grilled angus beef hotdog on a pretzel bun with melted cheddar, caramelized onions and bacon served with fries. He wasn’t too sure about the topping options at first but said it made for a good hotdog. He was really surprised. We also shared the angus beef sliders- certified angus beef on a toasted slider bun with pickles, yellow mustard served with hand-cut fries. They weren’t anything impressive, but I would say it was a solid option for someone that doesn’t know what they want or that doesn’t want to step out of the box. I also had the oyster sliders- fried oysters on a toasted slider bun with remoulade sauce, southern slaw served with fries. Quite a delicious nod to Breakwater’s low country roots.

Although, I wasn’t impressed by our service, at all, I wouldn’t let that be the reason not to visit. I think this would be fun spot for date night or even a chill night with friends away from the rest of the Downtown madness. Definitely hope they stick around this time.

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