Mountain Laurel Creek Inn & Spa



When I was searching for somewhere for S and I to stay for our anniversary trip, I ended up running across this amazing bed and breakfast tucked away in the mountains of Georgia about 15 minutes from Dahlonega’s square. We were looking for some place quiet and cozy, as well as relaxing and most importantly gay-friendly. Mountain Laurel Creek Inn and Spa met those needs and surpassed our expectations as neither of us knew what to expect from a bed and breakfast.

The Inn:

Mountain Laurel Creek Inn and Spa has 6 beautifully decorated rooms and a cabin for rent. Each room in the inn was decorated personally by Dennis and features some of his pottery. We stayed in the Parlor room, which had a fridge, microwave and Keurig, as well as a jacuzzi bath tub. The room was very spacious and had a great view of the vineyard (actually why I wanted the room).


Mountain Laurel Creek Inn and Spa has an on-site bar, The Copper Penny Pub, which carries quite a few local wines, as well a spa. It also has a few common areas to be shared by guest, such as the tv room, patio, pool and what I would consider a living room, which is where S taught me to play chess.



There is also a trail that leads to a creek in the back. The trail isn’t that long, but the hill is pretty steep- wear proper attire (we didn’t). S would probably not recommend it.


The Breakfast:

The breakfast at Mountain Laurel Creek Inn & Spa is amazing! While we were there each morning’s breakfast started with a bowl of fresh fruit and greek yogurt. Following the fruit and yogurt, David would bring out the morning’s breakfast entree, which changes daily.

1st morning:

Greek yogurt with strawberries, blueberries and apples

Cranberry shuffle with turkey bacon

2nd morning:

Greek yogurt with sautéed pineapples

Sweet potato quiche with turkey sausage

The owner’s David and Dennis did a wonderful job making sure we, along with the rest of the guest felt welcome. If you ever find yourself needing to disappear for a few days and relax, keep the Mountain Laurel Creek Inn & Spa in mind!


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