Weekend Getaway: Dahlonega, GA

About a month or so ago, S and I started planning for what I thought was our one year anniversary getaway (ended up being our engagement celebration). We looked at popular destinations in the southeast, such as Knoxville, Charlotte, Asheville and Winston Salem, but we had already done Charlotte for our birthdays, Asheville had a food and wine festival going on (our fave!!) but we didn’t feel it was within our budget at the time, and Knoxville and Winston Salem just didn’t really catch our attention. After asking S what kind of weekend he wanted, I thought it would be nice to spend the weekend in a small town. I started doing research and talking to people and heard places like Highlands and Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

After discussing these new options with S, which happened to be around the same time as the murders of 2 black men that took over the news media, I began to get frustrated because S wasn’t sure how we would be treated in a small town being an interracial same-sex couple (enough of my political rant). So, I went hunting for a gay-friendly small town in the southeast to make sure I hit all of the points on our checklist.

I ended up finding a nice little town in the mountains of Northeast Georgia, named Dahlonega. While Dahlonega, previously gained its fame in 1828 as the first gold rush in the United States, it is now growing popularity as being the heart of Georgia’s wine country- surrounded by 6 wineries within a 15 minute drive of the city’s center and not much further from a few others. A huge plus for us was the Dahlonega Wine Trail scheduled for the same weekend. For $35, we were able to visit all 6 of Dahlonega’s wineries and taste a few of their estate grown wines along with discounts for various tasting rooms around the town square.

So, I bet you are wondering what all we did in this little town and if it met our expectations…

Where to stay:

After some extensive research, I found the Mountain Laurel Creek Inn & Spa, which was another selling point. This cozy little bed and breakfast, run by David and Dennis was a treat in itself. The rooms were nice, spacious and clean and the breakfast was out of this world.


Click here to read the review!

What to do:

We were lucky enough to be in Dahlonega during the Dahlonega Wine Trail, so we spent a lot of time checking out the areas wineries. One winery that is just outside of Dahlonega near Cleveland, GA is Yonah and should definitely not be left out. They have an amazing Pinot Noir and an ice wine!


If there isn’t a wine event going on, be sure to check out some of our favorite vineyards and wineries around Dahlonega:


Frogtown Cellars



We wanted to kill a little time before brunch on Sunday, so we checked out Consolidated Gold Mine, just outside of town. This would probably be something cool for those of you with kids, but we weren’t impressed with much except the people watching and the fact they had a drill that was practically as old as forever.

Where to eat:

So, I’ll be honest, this was actually a surprise. Dahlonega has a couple of delicious places to eat. Our favorite was Corkscrew Cafe! We had a wonderful server named Tori, who attends the University of North Georgia, right in Dahlonega, but not only was her service great, the food was sooooo good.

Read the review here!

We also had some delicious barbecue from Smokin’ Gold– not Carolina barbecue, but it’ll definitely do.


Our second favorite place was Spirits Tavern, which didn’t show up during my restaurant research, but came recommended from an employee at Monteluce Vineyards and Winery. We also found out after getting back to our B&B, other guest had been recommended Spirits as well from locals. Spirits Tavern has a very cool burger based menu, but with the option of getting beef, turkey or a vegetarian burger.

Check out review here!




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