Spirits Tavern

While visiting Dahlonega, GA, S and I asked for restaurant suggestions and Spirits Tavern came highly recommended. Surprisingly, it had not come across my radar when researching places to eat in Dahlonega. I would not classify Dahlonega as a foodie town, but it definitely has a couple of surprises and Spirits is one of them

Spirits Tavern is located just off the square and isn’t much to look at from the inside or the outside. Surprisingly, this little restaurant packs a lot of punch when it comes to their specialty cocktails and unique burgers.

Like I said before, Spirits came highly recommended to us and with the recommendation of the establishment, also came recommendations of appetizers and I am passing them on to you because if you visit, you need them in your life.



Mac & Cheese Bites- elbow macaroni noodles with smoked gouda, cheddar and parmesan cheese and “comeback” sauce. (I have no idea what comeback sauce is, but it has a slight kick and is delicious)








Kalettes- a hybrid veggie of brussel sprouts and kale lightly fried, and tossed in a sorghum cider vinaigrette with crispy, hickory smoked bacon. OMG!!! (that’s all I have to say about this!)







All burgers are your choice of certified angus beef, a turkey burger or a vegetarian burger or you can make it chicken or local, organic, grass fed beef (which delighted S) for an extra fee.

I had the beef with the Rude Awakening. The Rude Awakening is served with fried egg, bacon, white American cheese and a hash brown! Yes, you read that correctly, a hash brown and served with tater tots. To be honest, I had too many potatoes on my plate, but the burger and tots were definitely delicious!


Spirits Tavern should definitely be on your must eat list for Dahlonega!



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