Friday Five!!


Happy Friday! It’s the first Friday of the month, which means it’s time for the Friday 5! If this is your first Friday Five, welcome and just to get you caught up…this is where I tell you my 5 favorite things at the moment.

1) Mix It Up Mondays 

I have asked my partner, SH, to join me on the blog every Monday with a new cocktail recipe. It is called Mix It Up Mondays, so be sure to check out our newest cocktail creation!

Mix It Up

2) The Anchorage 

I’m pretty excited about a restaurant that has yet to open, The Anchorage! When I first read about this restaurant coming to the Village of West Greenville, I was ecstatic. A little secret- that’s one of my favorite areas in Greenville. It’s growth has just been so organic! So, when I found out The Anchorage was doing a pop-up tasting at Methodical Coffee, 2 tickets please! Glad I got mine early, sold out in 4 days! Then I saw another post for a pop-up tasting collaboration with High Wire Distilling on August 8, 1 more ticket please! But the fun, isn’t over The Anchorage is partnering with The Community Tap for a brunch on August 27 from 11 am until 2pm.

Find The Anchorage on Facebook and Instagram to stay up on events.

Pictures from Wednesday night’s tasting:

The restaurant is scheduled to open some time this fall!

3) The Moon Catcher- Etsy

With SH and I’s anniversary coming up soon, I decided to reach out to a friend to get him a card, which led to cardS, made. Christine is the artist behind the handmade greeting cards at The Moon Catcher on Etsy.

She made a few custom cards that would remind SH and I of our relationship. Whenever I tell a bad joke, SH, offers to put the bad joke in”the good joke cup” because the joke is sooooo good we want to make sure it never gets out again. He also like to check me for armpit cancer-don’t worry, there’s no such thing. “Checking for armpit cancer” merely means he wants to tickle me under my arms.


4) Caviar & Bananas

I’m always excited about new restaurant openings! Although options can be a little overwhelming, who doesn’t love options?

Caviar and Bananas is a gourmet grocery and cafe with a wine bar that is venturing into Greenville from Charleston. After following the company’s Instagram I cannot wait to see what they bring to the table, literally!

Opening day was scheduled for Monday, August 8, but is being pushed back to Wednesday, August 10.

5) Foodie Fest

Well, it’s that time of year again folks! Foodie Fest is upon us! Starting August 18-28 various restaurants throughout the area will be offering 2 and 3 course meals for $20-30, some even offer wine pairings for an additional cost.

Check out Upstate Foodie Fest Facebook page to find out who is participating and get a peak at the menu!

SH and I will be going to American Grocery. Where will you be eating?



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