Kitchen Sync

Although I took a little bit of time from blogging, I did keep up with the growing culinary scene around Greenville. One spot that caught my eye during my time away was Kitchen Sync, a family owned business off of Laurens Road that is Greenville’s first green certified restaurant, meaning they have taken in every aspect of being green from using locally sourced products to Energy Star appliances, chemical free building materials, and distance from public transportation into consideration.



I apparently have a knack for venturing to new restaurants before they have their cocktail menus ready, and Kitchen Sync was no exception, but I have found that the bartenders at these establishments are ready to take on most drink orders because of this. The bartender, whose name I don’t recall, told me to point him in the direction of the cocktail I wanted and he would deliver me a drink. At first, I went with my old faithful, vodka cranberry with Tito’s, but my second drink I told him vodka or gin and something sweet. I’m not sure sweet was what I was really in the mood for, but it was a good cocktail. I wish I could comment on the beer selection, but I’m not a beer drinker. All I can tell you is that you can have can or draft and it is mostly craft beer. Unfortunately, I did not try any of the wines, this go-around, but they are pretty interesting. Due to Greenville not recycling glass any longer, the wine options are boxed. I did hear a few patrons say they were delicious though.

As I was sitting at the bar having a couple of cocktails with my friend, JS, I was contemplating having an appetizer. One of the bartenders offered us, as well a couple sitting eside us menus and suggestions for our meals. Among these suggestions was the Local Toast-swamp rabbit toast with locally sourced toppings. The toppings on the Local Toast have a tendency to change almost daily, from my understanding. During my visit, the toppings were caramelized peaches, apple smoked bacon, Clemson blue cheese, and pecans. Unfortunately, they ran out before I was able to order some.

As an appetizer, we had the stuffed mushrooms, which came highly recommended from our server, and grits fritz, which I ordered because they sounded interesting. The stuffed mushrooms are an absolute must try. I was very pleased with them. The grits fritz, not so much. I guess I should stick to my rule of, if its not recommended by the staff then it may not be for me. I will say, the collards on the grits fritz appetizer are delicious-if these are the same ones on the menu as a side, you must get them!


Stuffed Mushrooms (braised beef short rib, boursin cheese, gremolata crumb)

grits fritz (Hurricane Creek fried grits, collards, pepper jam)

For my entree, I had the Gnudi with Sunday Sauce after debating between the Local Rib Pork Chop, which was recommended by a friend that had previously visited the restaurant, and the Cracklin’ Chicken thighs, which was recommended along with the Gnudi. I enjoyed this dish. It wasn’t overdone with flavor and the parsley was a great touch. JS had the Roni pizza and added spinach and extra cheese. Some other suggestion from the staff were the scampi, the shrimp burger, the short rib philly pizza and the Southern Tomato Pie.


Gnudi with Sunday Sauce (fresh ricotta dumplings with tomato based short rib sauce)


Roni- uncurred pepperoni, red sauce, and mozzarella with extra mozzarella and spinach




If you have the opportunity, I definitely suggest you check out this place. They have a corn hole set in front of the building and an outdoor patio out back, so I’m sure this would make one heck of a date night for you that are looking for some place new to try out.

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