Welcome back with the Friday Five!

Well, it’s been 8 months since I’ve done a blog post and while I have gone back and forth on whether this is something I should continue to do a friend, as well as a fellow blogger have inspired me to come back for now. As you all know, I just do this as a hobby and, as the kids say, “the way my life is set up right now”, I have a little free time that needs to be filled in.

So, if you haven’t followed me before I was attempting a series called The Friday Five, where I would talk about the top 5 things that affected my life in some way that week, or upcoming weekend. This week’s top 5 will probably be a mixture of playing catch up over the last 8 months to a year and things that are happening.

Number 1

First, I’d like to say congratulations to the baseball team of Coastal Carolina University on their win at the College World Series yesterday. Not only was this the first national title the school has ever won, but it also was the 4th baseball title for the state of South Carolina in college baseball since 2010!

Number 2


Last month, well the end of May, I went to New Orleans, Louisiana for a wedding and had an absolute blast! It was my first time in the Bayou and the newly weds picked the perfect weekend. Of course, when I travel to new places I try to cram the whole city in on visit and this was not an exception, even though I was traveling with 3 other people.

To cut the weekend into a couple sentences; we ate our hearts out visiting some of the most popular eateries in town and  drank our livers away on Bourbon Street, Frenchman Street and The New Orleans Food and Wine festival on Royal Street. We also, spent some time with the lovely bride and her family and celebrated their big day.

Number 3

Doodle child holding number three — Stock Vector © tajim1 #2673289

So, this morning an article on Facebook introduced me to a new app, that I believe is the 2nd most fabulous thing this week (I’m first, in case you were wondering). The app is called Vittl and apparently it tells me where I can get a free drink or food (looks like appetizer sized portions)! As I browsed through the app, after I immediately downloaded it, I found quite the picking- Moscow Mules at Sharkey’s, Margaritas at Gringo’s, a slider from Brazwell’s Pub, Parmesan truffle fries from The Green Room, as well as some other fantastic things. Be sure to check it out!

... numbering reflective number 4 with flag reflective number 4 with flag

I’m cheating with this one. Happy birthday ‘merica! The 4th of July is on Monday, so please throw the United States of America the best birthday party ever and be safe doing so, because she may have some pretty shitty birthdays in the next few years. I’m not very political, but geez!

While I’m on a patriotic theme, Olympic trials have started for some sports and I know track and field starts this weekend. Although my former teammate isn’t running this year, I cannot wait to see who represents this mess of a place as we compete against the rest of the world in athleticism.

Trivia question from last night’s trivia at Growler Haus in Fountain Inn, SC: True or False, the three primary colors were apart of the original Olympic logo? Answer at the end of the post.



It’s Friday and the Southern Fellow Blog is being updated. I feel like that is something to cheer about and put on my Friday Five!

Well, that about does it for today’s Friday Five. I hope you all have a safe weekend! Please follow me on Facebook for updated posts! Adventures of a Southern Fellow (I just switched over to WordPress from Blogspot and haven’t had time to play with it and add links, sorry)

Answer to trivia: True, and no green is not a primary color as the Growler Haus stated.


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