Aloha Hawaii from the Southern Fellow

Yes, I know you all have missed me. I have been a little busy and decided that my first post in 5 months should be something exciting. So, I’m writing from Kailua, Hawaii this morning.

I arrived yesterday, after missing my first flight 2 days ago, due to a very unfortunate event called oversleeping. It’s ok though, I arrived with all of my stuff in one piece and didn’t throw my sister’s itinerary too far off track.
If you know anything about me and traveling, you know I hit the ground running. I typically land, check-in to my hotel and turn right around to explore the city. This trip was pretty much no different, except I got off of the plane, grabbed lunch and went for a hike with my family.  
My first meal in Hawaii was at Diamond Head Market and Grill, a small restaurant with no indoor seating attached to a small community market in the middle of a residential neighborhood, that unfortunately for my mom, didn’t have chips. I was so excited when I found this little place. I ended up eating a miso ginger salmon sandwich with fries and honey lemonade, after debating between the BBQ Gorgonzola bacon burger, the teriyaki chicken sandwich, the teriyaki burger, and the mushroom burger. It was so good and quite a start to my dining experiences here. 
I’m not quite sure how I hiked 0.8 miles up the inside of a crater after eating such deliciousness, but I did. 
Diamond Head is volcanic tuff used in the past to house Fort Ruger, the U.S. first military reservation in Hawaii. Now it is a popular hiking destination with rewarding views of Waikiki, Honolulu, and Maunalua Bay. 

The hike starts in the middle of the crater and goes up one side, eventually offering some of the best views of the Pacific Hawaii has to offer. It wasn’t a very challenging hike, but karma allowed my sister and I to reminisce brutal track practices with my mom “coaching” us as we returned the favor on this hike. 

These stairs are AWFUL!!!

We made it to the top!!

The inside of the crater. Our car is down there somewhere.

The rest of day one consisted of a quick trip to Pearl Harbor, the base not the monument, to pick up my brother in law’s uniform, dinner at a popular hangout on the marine base, and a drive across a runway to the beach.
Well, it’s about time I get dressed and get ready for my submarine adventure since Bob’s underwater adventure was sold out. 

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