The Whig tricked me!

Lately, I’ve been seeing all of these posts about these cool prohibition themed bars through out the country, and I am dying to check one out. Now, this post isn’t about one that I visited, although once I saw this restaurant’s location and was greeted by a group of people who looked like flappers on my way in I really hoped it would be; but Dr Shrink took me to The Whig for our last meal in Columbia last weekend. 

If you didn’t know what The Whig was beforehand, you’d not check it out of you just happened to walk by. It is located in the basement of a building right across from South Carolina’s own statehouse. There is a sign, street side on a iron fence that lines the top of the stairwell leading to the front door.

Like I said previously, going in I thought Dr Shrink had surprised me with a prohibition style restaurant/bar, but no password was needed to get into this place. I mean they even had a group of flappers outside to greet me! The decor is very old though-I’m not even sure how to describe it. 
The Whig’s website proclaims it to be North America’s Greatest Dive Bar, which I’m still weary about. The menu seems to be that of a dive bar but with a little more fun to it with items such as gravy fries with mozzarella and a variety of burgers.
I had the three cheese grilled cheese with bacon. It was pretty good, but nothing to be overjoyed about.
Dr Shrink had a burger of some sort, but I’m not exactly sure what kind.

The Whig was satisfying and I feel it has so much potential, or I could just be stuck on it really playing on this prohibition theme and being a tad disappointed. I wouldn’t put it on my must visit list, but I bet it would be fun late at night. I feel it would have a very hipster vibe, but I could be wrong.

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