Burger Tavern 77 hits the spot!

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Columbia and ALLLLL week I craved a burger and glass of red wine. I don’t know why and yes, I do realize that is one heck of a combination, but I had it once and then I saw Olivia Pope do it and I figured I had done something right. I tell Dr Shrink this and asked if there were any gourmet burger places in Columbia besides “Red Robbin, yum!” We ended up at Burger Tavern 77.

Before this trip I had never heard of this place, but it may be one of Culumbia’s little secrets. I slept on the way there, so I don’t know much about it’s location, except it’s on Divine Street. The name however came from their 77 burger toppings along with what seems like a pretty good beer menu-not a beer drinker, just what I heard.
For our starter we had the 8 hour pork sliders. Oh my gosh, they were soooo good. Pulled pork topped with coleslaw, pickle and mustard barbecue sauce are definitely a hit for this place!


I had the Tahoe as my entree, which is Burger Tavern’s turkey burger. This deliciousness is made with ground turkey, monzarella, baby spinach and Demi poached portobello mushrooms with a sundried tomato pesto.

I don’t make it to Columbia often, but this has definitely made it onto my list of return eateries. 

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