Crawling to eat for my 26th bday!

So, my birthday was this past Monday and unfortunately I had to work so I decided I’d span my birthday over the week with activities to celebrate me entering a new year. My first celebration was last Saturday when I met my friends and family out at Local Cue for a few drinks, late night barbecue and games. My second celebration was with Dr Shrink, doing the Greenville Small Plate Crawl.

If you haven’t done the crawl, it is an absolute treat. In its second year, fellow blogs Gap Creek Gourmet and Carolina Epicurean got with a few local restaurants to participate in this foodie event. You pick out the participating restaurants you’d like to visit and in whatever order and you go with however many people, order from a select menu of items costing between $6 and $8, and some have cocktail specials as well.
Usually I’d take this time to explore places I haven’t had the opportunity to check out and explore their menu. This year I decided to just check out some oldie but goodies.
Our first stop was Southern Culture Kitchen and Bar, a popular restaurant in the Cherrydale area of Greenville. This restaurant has become really popular for its bottomless mimosas at brunch, but dinner and lunch anytime is also delicious. I had the porkstada tostada- pulled pork, corn salsa, cheese sauce and a mustard barbecue sauce. YUMMY ! Dr Shrink had the deviled eggs-they weren’t his favorite, but he said they were descent.
A great new feature to this year’s crawl was the Six & Twenty challenge, where local bartenders where challenged with the tasks to make the best cocktail using Six & Twenty whisky made right outside of Greenville in Piedmont, South Carolina. 

Of course, I wanted to take the opportunity to try at least one of these cocktails, so we headed to Stellar Wine Bar for our next destination. Stellar has become a favorite of mine in terms of just chilling and having a glass of wine, but their food menu is pretty good as well. I had the truffle macaroni and cheese (soooo good) and Dr Shrink had the duck tacos after they ran out of lobster and potato croquettas. I had a bite of Dr Shrink’s tacos and I wasn’t a big fan. I could take them or leave them.

Their Six & Twenty cocktail was the cherry and Cocoa Manhattan. I will go on record and say I’m not a Manhattan type of guy, prefer Cape Cods, but the cocktail wasn’t too bad. I would’ve prefer it at the end of the night as a substitute for desert with its chocolate flavor.

Our last stop on the crawl was Nose Dive. Nose Dive is Table 301’s gastropub. It’s never made it on a list of favorites of mine, but I keep hoping one day it will. For some reason I like the atmosphere and root for them. They’ve been a hit or miss for me in the past, and unfortunately this time was another miss. I had the Grit Tots-fried grits with roasted pork and chili sauce. 
Dr Shrink had the lobster sliders. He said they were descent. 

This was their second year doing the crawl and my second year participating. I guess I’ll deem this a new birthday tradition. So, hopefully I’ll see you all crawling at the Greenville Small Plate Crawl 2016 or maybe even at the Columbia Crawl coming up soon or next year’s Asheville Crawl!

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