Birthday Shenanigans part 3

So, the third and final part of my birthday celebration was a weekend trip to Columbia, South Carolina with Dr Shrink. It wasn’t my original plan, but a friend of his asked us if we wanted to go to the Carolina Cup in Camden, so it only seemed right to make a weekend out of it. In weeks, leading up to “Cup”, as the Carolina Cup has been nicknamed, I picked out an outfit and did a little research on the event as I had heard of it, but never actually attended. 

After talking to coworkers, friends, reading blogs and stalking Instagram and Twitter to gain a little more knowledge about the event, I was sure I was headed to a college sorority girl event of the spring. Apparently, if a frat guy asks you to the even you are to dress up in a sundress and hat and make this man a cooler. You guys then attend the event, only to get plastered in the middle of a field without any clue as to what is going on outside of the infamous “College Park”. 
Fortunately, I’m not a sorority girl and Dr Shrink isn’t a frat boy. So I missed that whole other experience to which most people get to enjoy. My experience was completely different. I got dressed up in the usually preppy “Cup” attire, which I enjoy-blazer, bright colors and bow ties. We had a nice tailgate spot on the North Rail away from all of the madness. College Park was on the other side of the track from us and I could still hear it’s chaos.

They say if you see a horse, you didn’t do it right. Well, I guess we didn’t do it right. We actually saw part of 4 out of 6 races. I also came equipped with all of my southern belle drinking gear. A koozie for a bottle, large plastic wine cup and some cute napkins.

While in Columbia, we also checked out some of his old stomping grounds as a grad-student at the University of South Carolina. From brunch at Cafe Strudel to drinking games with college girls, a random farmers market and drinks at Kelly’s this weekend was pretty fun to be honest. Cheers to another fun birthday and great weekend out of town!

It was cold at Cup, come prepared!
Farmer’s Market on Main

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