Birthday Shenanigans: Round 1

This past weekend I celebrated my my birthday with some friends at Local Cue. Of course, we had a blast but word to the wise there is no wait staff for the late night crowd and the bartenders can be a bit rude as the evening progresses. 

Sunday morning, after not wanting to get up, Dr Shrink took me to City Range for brunch. I will just say, I wasn’t impressed.


I had the raspberry mimosa to drink. What is brunch without a mimosa or Bloody Mary? My guess is they don’t use a good prosecco or champagne because it had a burnt flavor to it. I’m also not used to having orange juice with pulp in my mimosa. I did finish the drink, but it took a while.
Dr Shrink had a regular mimosa and a Bloody Mary. His guess was that his mimosa didn’t taste any better than mine. 
We both had the shrimp and grits to eat, which I feel is the southern brunch staple. The shrimp still had the tails, which I feel takes away from the dining experience. As far as taste, it was really just kind of bland-nothing flavorful, nothing terrible, just kind of there.

My favorite thing about brunch was the live jazz band that played in the background. Needless to say, I City Range isn’t on my list of places to return for brunch. 

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