Lunch date at the crêperie: Tandem Crêperie and Coffeehouse

Don’t worry people, I haven’t fallen off of the map just yet. I did have a lunch date today. He works in Travelers Rest and I had the time to travel, so why not explore Travelers Rest’s dining scene a little more by visiting Tandem Crêperie and Coffeehouse.

Tandem Crêperie and Coffeehouse is located on Travelers Rest’s Main Street, which is quickly becoming another treasure of the Upstate. The menu isn’t that big with crêpes falling in the savory or sweet category, waffles, coffee based drinks, tea and handcrafted sodas, which I’m assuming changes every so often.
After reading a few other reviews online, I decided to try the Monte Cristo, one of their savory crêpes with ham, turkey, and Colby Jack topped with raspeberry sauce and powdered sugar. I have to say for my first crêpe it was pretty delicious, and I was surprised at how full I got. I had one of the handcrafted sodas to drink. It was a raspeberry flavor as well.

Dr. Shrink had the lumberjack, which he says is the best one. It did look delicious. It is filled with ham, bacon, eggs, cheese, bechemel and maple syrup.

I’m sure I’ll be back after we ride the Swamp Rabbit or maybe for another lunch date.

Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse on Urbanspoon


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