Weekend Whereabouts!

Ugh, responsibilities! They get in the way of all of the fun-not exactly my true thoughts, but I had been planning to be in Charleston this past weekend for the Charleston Food and Wine Festival. Sounds like a blast, right? It was going to be. I forgot to request off of work in time, so I had to work and came up with alternative plans.

I did some working, but most of all I was able to escape life in Greenville for just under 24 hours and get away to Asheville, NC. I’m sure you know by now, Asheville is one of my favorite quick getaways. And I did not take this trip alone, surprise. I took my friend Dr. Shrink.
We had a blast! I told him before hand that I tend to sleep on road trips, before I get on the road good. He took this as a challenge to talk and keep me away the whole way. I wasn’t amused. We talked about our days at work and other random stuff and every time I tried to close my eyes he shook me and told me to talk. Needless to say, he won.
Anywho, the evening was filled with fun times bar hopping and eating around Asheville. I had one mission while I was there and that was to get chocolate. I had been craving chocolate since Valentine’s Day. It was pretty chilly and I’m almost positive he was upset at how fast I walked leaving dinner to grab drinks. But during our tour of Asheville I. Did get chocolate and not from French Broad Chocolate Lounge as usual, but the Chocolate Fetish-Asheville’s fine chocolate shop.

We visited a lot of what I consider the Asheville staples, such as The Bier Garden and Jack of the Wood. We even went to The Thirsty Monk and had German beer. Yea, yea, yea I don’t drink beer but I did. 

Dinner was at Lexington Avenue Brewery, which had a cool atmosphere. It probably a lot better in the warmer months.
Lunch the following day was at Laughing Seed Cafe, an all vegan restaurant. First time; quite interesting.
The rest of my weekend was filled with work, tacos and all day happy hour at Gringo’s with Dr. Shrink and “the unofficial game night” at The Cazbah. 

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