Let’s do the Charleston!: Prohibition

So, as I’m sure a lot of us trendy foodie people are aware, the craft cocktail is in! Boy, do I love me a craft cocktail and I get so disappointed when I get somewhere and they don’t have them-that’s quite often, unfortunately. Well, while I was in Charleston, I discovered Prohibition. 

It is located in the Upper King Street area of Charleston and is just as lively as it wants to be. Of course, it gives you that old speakeasy feel, dark and full of music and cocktails-at least that’s what I imagine when I think of speakeasies. The waitstaff of course wears bow ties and vest and suspenders and such to provide you with the whole experience. 
My first drink was the Dartery. I’m sure most of you know, I love some St. Germain and Tito’s has become close to my heart. This drink has both along with lemon and blackberry. Yum! 

My second drink was one of the specialty cocktails featured on the chalkboards above the bar, which change often. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a description for you, but I know it was a cucumber something or other. It’s unfortunate that I don’t remember the name or ingredients, I really like it because the cucumber didn’t overpower the rest of the ingredients.

I had the meatball sliders for dinner that night. I have no idea what kind of meat was used for the sliders, but they were really good-the menu says they are chef’s choice. It was kind of loud, so I wasn’t really interested in discussing my food with the bartender. 

Well, if you’re in Charleston, make sure to check this place out. 

Prohibition on Urbanspoon

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