Weekend Whereabouts: Southern Fellow meets the West Coast

Back in June, one of my dearest friends Layla moved out to Seattle and eventually moved my godson there as well. I, of course, turned this negative into a positive and decided a trip to Seattle would be my “big vacation” for the year. Unfortunately I couldn’t visit this past summer because Layla was pregnant and I preferred to visit after the baby was born, which led to me heading West last weekend. 

Let me go ahead and tell you this trip was a list of quite a few first for me. First trip to Seattle. First time on the West Coast. First time having to take a connecting flight. The list does go on but I’ll stop there. 

This is me once I get seated on the plane and realize it is oh so small! 

I woke up just in time to take a picture of Chicago!
Day 1

My first day in Seattle was on Thursday and I have to say it was lovely despite the rain. I took the light rail from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport into the city, which I thought was so much fun. Riding throughout Seattle’s suburban neighborhoods and riding by both Safeco Field and CentryLink Field was cool. To my dismay, I’m sure I looked like a tourist. Another amazing thing about the light rail is the station was literally a block from my hotel, Courtyard Marriott Downtown Seattle/Pioneer Square. 

After arriving at the Courtyard, I got settled in and made those oh so very important phone calls to let everyone know I had arrived safely. I then used Urbanspoon to locate a restaurant for lunch. I knew I was catching the end of Seattle Restaurant Week (SRW), so a restaurant on the list was a must. I ended up choosing Taste, a restaurant attached to Seattle Art Museum, aka SAM. So good!
During my walk to Taste I noticed a couple of Seattle sites, the Space Needle in the distance and Fran’s Chocolates across the street. Both of these led to my self guided walk through Pike Place Market and ultimately Seattle. 

Yea, that’s right I walked all over Seattle in the first 4 hours of me being there. Check out some pics below from my walk:

So, it wasn’t until I made it to the Space Needle that I realized I had a 40 minute walk back to my hotel. I did walk the entire thing and even found this fantastic doughnut shop on my way. 

Top Pot changed my life so much, every time I went to see Layla I had to take some.

The rest of Day 1 included dinner with Layla and her friend at Tom Douglas’ restaurant Etta’s, quiet time watching Scandal and How to get away with Murder, and a trip to the bar, Madison Pub.  For some reason I didn’t feel like getting dressed up for the boys of Seattle that night so I just wore a sweater with a bear from Gap and chinos. The bear sweater is quite the conversation piece. You can see it in my airplane selfie above.

This sweater led to me making friends at the bar and piling into a Toyota Highlander with 7 other guys and riding to R bar. I swear this only happens to me!

Day 2

Friday was quite an experience. It started with wedding dress shopping at BHLDN, which is a bridal shop within Anthropology. Our sales associate was awful except for her giving us champagne. I wish I could show pictures, but I feel that breaks a rule or something. 

We went to lunch at Pike Place Chowder, which I highly suggest. It was so good! If you check it out, don’t go alone and have someone go save seats while you order. Trust me, it’s easier. 

We also knocked out some shopping before heading to Port Orchard on the ferry, where Layla lives.

The ferry gives some amazing views of the Puget Sound as well as the Seattle skyline and Mt. Rainier, if it’s clear. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see it. 

Brementon/Port Orchard is dead boots, but the harbor is so cute!

I will say there is a cute little coffee shop at the ferry terminal called Frenchie, or something like that. I was so hungry I felt quiche and coffee went together when we arrived. Do they go together?

The rest of my Friday included a little babysitting, since my godson felt it was ok to leave me and go trick or treating with his new friend. After arriving back in the city, I got dressed up myself and hit the town. I spent 45 mins of my Halloween night in line at Cuff. I’m assuming this is a popular nightclub considering the wait time. It was a fun time, especially with all of the Russell Wilsons running around and making out.

Well, that carries you through day 2, the rest of the weekend will be in Weekend Whereabouts Pt 2 and I owe you some restaurant reviews! 

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