St. Germaine at a sports bar?!? The Local Cue

So, I think I have found my new favorite bar, actually let’s face it any place with a bar, good bartender and some great people watching is my favorite bar. This is a sports bar with St Germaine! So, good drinks with burly men, yes! (Don’t worry, I don’t act this gay in public) Here’s a quick and funny story: I came in and sat down. I typically try to space one bar stool between me and the next fella, just feel that’s proper etiquette-if there is such a thing. So, I look at the menu and see St Germaine! I almost want to squeal but I feel Mr. man to my left is judging me. I am approached by the bartender and just order a vodka cranberry. Don’t worry I had my St Germaine later and a guy gave me suggestions on what to try it with, so good story! Right? I thought it was funny at first.

Tonight I had dinner at The Local Cue, a newer restaurant in the Greenville market. I’m not sure how new it is because it just kind of showed up on my Facebook timeline one day, but it is new. It is located off of Haywood Road in the location that used to be Stax Peppermill and has quite the menu anchored in barbecue. 
The Local Cue has a great menu with things such as BBQ pork or chicken nachos and wings as appetizers to a Guinness bratwurst and BBQ burrito in it’s sandwich category. They also have a main entree menu which has their brisket pot pie, shrimp and grits, ribs and The Kings Plate (a turkey leg as the meat). The dessert menu isn’t what you’d expect, fried everything-fried funnel cake bites and fried candy bars (snickers, whatchamacallit, or Reece’s).
I had trouble deciding what I wanted to eat because it all sounded so good that I just ordered the Small Sampler platter off of the snack menu. I figured it was the best way to get a taste of everything. It was pretty good. My only real complaint was the amount fat on a piece if my brisket. The fat took about half of my meat.
The Small sampler also comes with their three different slaws. I was not a big fan of any of them. One didn’t have much flavor. The blue cheese had a little flavor, but just didn’t do anything for me. The last one had great flavor, but I don’t like hot things and it had a but too much heat for me. 

I sat at the bar, where service wasn’t the greatest, but I did have a bartender that could mix one hell of a drink.
This is definitely a place that could be a stop with my friends during a night on the town. There are pool tables, old school arcade games, ping ping, shuffleboard and board games, whatelse do you need? Oh TVs, they have those too. 

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