Weekend Whereabouts

Last weekend was quite different from what I’m used to. I’m a planner and enjoy being busy, so Saturday when my plans didn’t go as planned, it kind of threw my day off. I will say I had a very productive morning. I got the house cleaned and even pulled some clothes out of my closet to give away. 

I ended up going to a friend’s house for a wine gathering he was having. Unfortunately, we had some pretty heavy rain, which I read flooded Interstate 85 and Interstate 385, so I spent the night at there. 
I did have a blast with them, playing Cards Against Humanity and drinking wine while nibbling on cheese and crackers. 

Sunday was a little more interesting with brunch at Waffle House. It was probably my most awful Waffle House experience ever. Dinner was at Universal Joint with Mr Homewrecker. It’s always good to hang out with a good friend.
Sunday night ended with a drink Downtown with a friend of mine. Somehow we got into a discussion of beer with the bartenders. In case you didn’t know, I hate beer. I’ve only found 1 beer I like, and that’s a raspberry wheat from Shock Top. I do get picked on because of this but whatevs.
Well, my new friend and the bartenders at Rey’s got to see my beer face. It’s awful! After trying a Red Stripe, they gave me a taste of an IPA they have on tap. It’s probably a good thing I don’t know the name. It was terrible! Check out my Instagram mr_j_sully to see a 15 sec clip.

That’s about it for my weekend. I know, disappointing, but I did take myself out for dinner Monday. Review coming soon!

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