Blues, Booze and Tacos

Well, I’m sure you know by now if I don’t post anything for a few days I haven’t done much because I’ve been working a lot. Of course I’ve found time for a little fun though. I met a couple (still working on name for them), but I’ve been hanging out with them a lot lately. Within a week we did happy hour, dinner-twice, and celebrated their anniversary and one of their birthdays. They also introduced me to a new game “Heads Up”, it’s on your phone download it. I don’t watch much TV but Ellen apperently plays it on her show.

I didn’t post a Weekend Whereabouts because I was too sleepy to take pictures and it just didn’t feel right without them. My Saturday was filled with work (tax free weekend-aaaahhhh), a baby shower and then my new pal’s birthday party. All were fun and quite exciting. 
So, let’s fast forward to my work week. It’s been amazing! I get to wake up on the exact opposite schedule than I am used to (I work 3rd shift by the way 8pm-7am) and sit in a classroom from 7am-4pm. Sounds terrible right? It isn’t that bad because I’m actually learning quite a lot.
Anyway, last night I decided I needed something away from the downtown scene. I knew I wanted music, which isn’t typically a thing for me, but for some reason I was feeling that tonight. So I decided to check out Mac Arnold’s Plate O’ Blues Restautant in the Village of West Greenville, also known as The Village. 
I think I’ve talked about The Village before, but if I haven’t it is a small area just outside of Downtown Greenville and quickly becoming a hub for Greenville’s art community. 
Mac Arnold’s Plate O’ Blues Restaurant is a music venue and restaurant owned by Mac Arnold, a Greenville blues legend. The restaurant is also a collaborative effort with one of Greenville’s first food truck Asada. Keeping their street food menu, which consist of tacos, burritos, nachos and quesadillas, Asada takes care if the restaurant portion of the venue. Mac Arnold’s also has a full service bar.
Last night was the first night Mac Arnold’s hosted his weekly Jam Night, which will be a weekly competition of local bands. I didn’t recognize any of the bands but it was definitely a fun time.

Of course I had something to eat. I ordered the pork quesadilla which is served with chips and pico de gallo on the side. Although the quesadilla was delicious, it caught me a bit off gaurd by the way it was made. As you can see below it wasn’t grilled like most.

Mac Arnold’s is definitely a good time and something different for Greenville. Another big plus is, Mac himself was there. You don’t see that much. If you get the chance check out Mac Arnold’s and The Village.


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