Weekend Whereabouts: Cincy style

This weekend I was in Cincinnati for a family reunion and I wasn’t impressed. I think I say that simply because I couldn’t explore the city the way Mr J Sully explores a city. I’m usually alone, and if I’m not alone I’m with like-minded individuals that want to see what all a city has to offer in the time period I’m there. 

So, I woke up around 345 Friday morning to hit the road to Atlanta to fly with my aunt and little cousin. I refused to ride with my grandparents, which is how my mom got there. And yes, I woke up that early and drove in the rain after $35 all you can eat and drink Tapas and Tinis.

Airplane selfie

After arriving in Cincy and my grandparents checking into our hotel, my grandpa somehow talked us into going to the casino. I’m not a big gambler, I hate losing money that I can’t justify, but I was the big winner of the day spending a whopping $8 and bringing home $15! No one else won anything. 
After the casino we stopped by the mall, Kenwood Towne Centre. Apparently, this is the good mall according to my cousin. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy anything. 
Friday evening consisted of a meet and greet, which we didn’t stay for very long and a nap. You know I needed it after 4 hours of sleep.
Friday night I had to go out and experience nightlife. It wouldn’t have been right. So, I caught an Uber Black (more expensive than UberX but UberX wasn’t available) to the city (45 minutes away) and checked out the club scene. The first club I went to was called Shooters (a bear bar for those of you who understand homo). It was kind of dead, but I stayed for a while and eventually went to Below Zero Lounge (typical gay club). I actually had a great time people watching at both places and met some people at Below Zero, as it is referred to locally. 
After Below Zero, I had to eat, of course, so I followed people around the corner to a taco place that had a window on the side if the street. I’ll be blogging about that next, but the name was Gomez Salsa.
Saturday, was quite different from Friday, which is where this trip went sour. Long story short I ended up on the “charter” bus my cousins rented and rode to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (Freedom Center).

So mad I’m on the bus.

The Freedom Center is located on the outskirts of the city between the Bengals’ stadium and the Reds’ stadium in an area once known as Little Africa, according to our tour guide. 

The tour of the museum consisted of many exhibits pertaining to the period of slavery in the United States, as well as a quilt exhibit of African American history from the time of European settlement until the present, with quilts representing the Trevon Martin case and stricter voting laws. 

Slaves on a ship quilt

Robert Smalls Quilt (I played him in a play in 3rd grade)

Wilma Rudolph Quilt

Little Rock 9 quilt

Trevon Martin Quilt

Saturday night consisted on a slightly “ratchet” banquet and sleep because I couldn’t find an Uber car. I’m so glad to be back home, although I’m trying to find a reason to go back to Cincy and explore how I want to.

One response to “Weekend Whereabouts: Cincy style

  1. I like Cinci, although we've mostly stuck to the university district. And my favorite part of the trip north to IL/MI is coming around the bend over that hill to see Cinci laid out in front of you – even better at night, with city lights twinkling. Hope you get to go back and do it right!


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