IPA…the restaurant

I’ve had my nights off ALL week, which doesn’t happen much because I barely take off from work (the struggle continues to be real). Because I work an opposite schedule from the rest of the world, or so it seems, and never have time for dates or hanging out, I decided I wanted a date every night this week. That’s right, I became a serial dater this week and if I had found a speed dating event I would done that as well. (Geez I sound desperate, I swear I’m not, just looking to change things up a bit)

So my second date this week was last night and we went to Independent Public Alehouse (aka IPA), which is located just between downtown and the Cherrydale area. It is a cool spot, that serves as a neighborhood bar for that area and a restaurant until 10. After 10 you can probably count on a band to be playing (check their Facebook or website for schedules).
This was my first time eating here, I usually stop in for drinks every now and then, and I made the suggestion because my livingsocial is expiring. The menu is pretty interesting featuring items such as mushrooms and wings as appetizers and pies as desserts. The entree section of the menu is cool in the sense you choose an item- either the melt, grits, the sandwich, garden Caesar or farm salad, or the plate, and then you choose your meat. For meats, you have the option of pulled pork, beef brisket, chopped chicken, catfish or gulf shrimp. You also have the option of adding seasonal veggies.
I chose to do the melt, which is Texas toast with grilled onions, Swiss and cheddar cheese and your choice of sauce, with pulled pork. For my side, I had sweet potatoes, which were tapped with pecans. The melt was really good and used the mustard based sauce in it.

My date chose to do grits, which are pepper-jack grits with house gravy, bacon and green onion, with the gulf shrimp. He said he liked it. Sorry, no pic- 1st date, didn’t want to scare him off.
For the most part, it is a pretty laid back atmosphere. The staff was very friendly and we even met one of the owners. Definitely a place I will have to go back to and check out the rest of the menu options.

Independent Public Alehouse on Urbanspoon

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