Pizza and wine! Restaurant Review: Wild Ace Pizza & Pub

I don’t get to Downtown Greer very often, but if I do it is mainly to eat. There are quite a few little restaurants in Downtown Greer, and the few that I have tried are pretty good. Monday night I had a “date” if you will, and I was kind of feeling pizza and wine. He lives in Greer, so I thought Wild Ace Pizza and Pub would be a great place to go.

Wild Ace Pizza and Pub is locally owned and is in the heart of Downtown Greer on Trade Street. The atmosphere is pretty cool, it was a little rowdy Monday because of some Germans after the big soccer game, but it is usually a pretty laid back place. They have a full bar with from what I hear is a pretty good beer menu (not a beer drinker, so I wouldn’t know personally). There is also an outside patio with a few tables that I hear is nice in the summer time.

The menu has something for everyone from salads to calzones to wings, sandwiches and pizza, of course. I had the Whole Nine Yards pizza and a glass of the pinot noir. The Whole Nine Yards is their version of a meat lovers and is so good! It comes with sausage, pepperoni, hamburger, ham and bacon! Yum, right?

So, I definitely recommend this place if you are in the Greer area, and if you aren’t in the Greer area, don’t mind the drive and want some fantastic pizza Wild Ace Pizza and Pub is the place to go!

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Wild Ace Pizza & Pub on Urbanspoon


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