Weekend Whereabouts

Aaahhh what a great weekend! Let me just go ahead and tell you, I knew this weekend was going to be great when I left work early Thursday night, went to the bar and saw a guy with light up L.A. Gear sneakers! That’s right a grown man with light up shoes! Heck, I didn’t even know L.A. Gear even existed anymore.

So on with my weekend! Friday night I joined a fellow group of homos at Monterrey’s by the Mall for Takeover Upstate, which is a group I found on Facebook that meets about once a month a different location to hang out. This was my first hang out with these guys and I have to say it’s quite interesting. I am typically quite shy when meeting new people, so I was a wallflower for the majority of the night. I will say I did meet some pretty amazing individuals and can’t wait to go to another one.
Saturday I spent cleaning my house and do some quick packing for my overnight trip to Atlanta. I went to hang out with a friend of mine, who now lives in Chattanooga, for his 30th birthday. I had all intentions of getting to Atlanta in the mid-afternoon so I wasn’t rushing to dinner, I made it with 30 minutes to spare before dinner (not good, considering I was in Buckhead, dinner was downtown and my hotel was connected to Lenox Square). I was almost an hour late after dealing with a slow Uber driver and Katy Perry traffic.
We had dinner at Glenn Kitchen, which is the restaurant on the first floor of my usual Atlanta hotel, Glenn Hotel. Dinner was so good. I’ll review it later. It was also a pretty fun time. I met quite a bit of people from news and tv stations in the southeast. 

After dinner we were suppose to go to Sky Lounge, the rooftop bar at Glenn Hotel, but it had been rented out for the evening. We somehow ended up at Wet Willie’s. Take this as your warning, Wet Willie’s Atlanta is the most hood, aka RATCHET, Wet Willie’s ever! The twerk team was in the corner and I even saw a guy with a rat tail (please don’t tell me those are coming back). Needless to say, I wasn’t there long.
Sunday was quite a fun day as I drove 2 hours and 20 minutes from Atlanta to the great country little town of Inman, SC for a wedding. The entire ride was suppose to take just under 3 hours, don’t ask how I did it. 
The wedding was sweet. It didn’t give me wedding fever like most weddings do. The crowd was a little dry, if you will, I had a good time, especially since I had my sidekick Mrs Dontcare.

Well, that was my weekend. Fantastic week planned ahead since I get to live a semi-normal life this week. I hope you had a good one!

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