A Southern Farewell Dinner: Southern Culture

A few weeks ago I took my friend Layla out for dinner. She was moving across the country to Seattle and being that we’ve been besties since 9th grade it was only fitting we did dinner before she moved away. I asked her what she wanted and she said something that screams the south. So, Southern Culture it was.

I’ve been here quite a few times, usually it’s for brunch, but this time was a little different. We sat outside on the patio that I didn’t know they had. It’s a very nice area, would be great if you were with a group of friends. 
For an appetizer, we had the pulled pork nachos. So yummy! They used fried wontons and covered them in pulled pork with a mustard based BBQ sauce, slaw, and a corn salsa! 

For my entree, I had the baby back ribs. They were a little tough at first, but they got better as I kept eating. I had fried okra and fries as my sides. The okra was so good! 

Layla had the chicken and waffles. She said she really like the jalapeño jelly it was served with. She got me to try it and I thought it had a good flavor, but I do not like jalapeños. She had macaroni and cheese for her side.

Great meal as expected and service was wonderful as well. As her farewell gift to me she got me this: 

Which reads: thank you for showering me with love while I was barefoot, crazy nuts and pregnant!

Southern Culture on Urbanspoon

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