Weekend Whereabouts Part I

This weekend I was in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for my cousin’s graduation. It was a great weekend as far as spending time with family, the Dallas-Fort Worth part I’m on the fence about. 

My little cousin and I met my mom and sister in Charkotte for our flight to DFW. Somehow, my mom managed to get all 4 of us on the same flight, coming from 3 different direction, but we weren’t sitting on the same row. After asking a few of our neighbors to switch seats, this happened:

Yup, that’s right we were able to sit together. My mom, on the other hand, sat in first class without us.
Friday was a pretty laid back day. We just hung out with family and went looking for stuff to do in Fort Worth. Downtown was pretty dead during the day, and we went to several malls that didn’t really impress any of us. We did go to a restaurant called Black Eyed Pea for dinner-not recommended by me, but try it if you’d like.
Saturday was a pretty cool day. I woke up extra early, like 630, because I couldn’t sleep and did some research on things to do in Ft. Worth, since we were closer to Ft. Worth, also known as “Westend” according to my cousin. Two things I found that caught my eye were Stockyard Station and a food truck park. 
I somehow sold my family on doing both, which made me a very happy camper. 
Stockyard Station is located about 10 minutes outside if downtown Ft. Worth. It was a pretty cool place. It gives you that old western small town feel, complete with bars, restaurants and shops. Our main reason for going was the life cattle drive, which is at 1130 and 2 daily. My mom was also in search if a cowboy (or cowgirl in this case) hat.

For lunch, we went to the Fort Worth Food Park, which if you haven’t heard about it you definitely wouldn’t stubble upon it. This was my mom’s, sister’s and cousin’s first time eating at a food truck. 

Everyone loved it!
The rest of our day was filled with a trip to Dallas to visit the Galleria Mall and a party for my cousin that graduated. I wasn’t as impressed with it as people had certainly talked it up to be. It is a nice size mall, with a few descent stores but nothing for me to scream about. 
My sister and I also went on the hint for some nightlife. We ended up getting a late start, so considering that we were almost an hour from Downtown Dallas and 20 minutes from Downtown Fort Worlth, we went to Fort Worth. She was dead! One bar had like 5 people, another maybe 10. We had almost given up until we checked out Pete’s Piano Bar. We both loved it, but were kind of over it when we got there so we didn’t have as much fun as we would have liked.
I had so much to write, this is in two parts!

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