Restaurant Review: Black Eyed Pea

Whenever I travel I have always liked to eat at places that are either unique to the area I am visiting or a place I know I cannot find at home. This weekend I am in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for my cousin’s graduation and unfortunately most of my meals have been planned by someone else, plus I have other people’s taste and pockets to consider. My first meal in Texas was from Zaxby’s (rolls eyes). I eat here almost twice a week when I’m home, just because it is on my way to work and I am running late and don’t have time to grab anything else. My second meal was from a place called Black Eyed Pea, which was my cousin’s graduation dinner.

Black Eyed Pea is located in Arlington, about 3 minutes from AT&T Stadium. You can actually see it from the front of the restaurant-pretty cool. They pride themselves on serving traditional southern fare. Being from the South and being a foodie, it excited me to see how people viewed and executed southern food. The menu consisted of things like meatloaf-which was a specialty item, burgers, ribs, steak and chicken, as well as a few seafood items.

I had the sweet barbeque chicken with fried corn on the cob and fried okra. The chicken wasn’t all that bad, just a little dry. It was served with bacon, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes and chives. The okra was pretty good, I just prefer it a little crunchier. Now, this fried corn on the cob was a different story. It was deep fried and when I bit into it, tasted like it had been soaking in butter for almost forever. My sister and my little cousin both had it as well, and it wasn’t a hit with any of us. My mom however just had to taste it because she couldn’t believe none of us liked it, of course she thought it was good. My sister also had fried okra and meatloaf, which she said was a bit tough.

I don’t really feel they really grasp the taste of the south, but reading reviews online, the Texans that eat here love it. The service was adequate at best, she didn’t know whose food belonged to who and with a group the size of ours, you would think they would have given her a second person to help-bless her heart. I wouldn’t really recommend it, but to each his own, right?

Black Eyed Pea on Urbanspoon

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