Brunch time: Empire State South

A few months back, I was in search for a restaurant in Midtown Atlanta for dinner before a concert at Fox Theater. While doing my research I came across Empire State South and knew this restaurant needed to be on my to do list if I didn’t make it on this trip. I ended up not going on that trip, but I decided to check it out for brunch during my most recent stay.

The inside of the restaurant has a rustic southern feel to it. I loved it! There isn’t much of a waiting area, but they do have outside seating, a full bar and a bocce court. 
The menu changes daily, but from my understanding there are a few items that get a variation of them done all of the time. I had the English muffin with a side of rice grits. The English muffin had a fried egg, candied bacon, spinach and ham on it. I had already been looking at it, but once the waitress said it was one of the more popular items I decided I should try it. The grits were pretty good, but I think I’d like to stick to the ones made from corn meal-something about the texture through my tastebuds off.

Usually at brunch, I have mimosas-unfortunately no alcohol is to be served before 1230 on Sundays. (Sad face)
I will definitely have to go back for lunch or dinner. If you’re in the Atlanta area, check out their twitter for special events.

Empire State South on Urbanspoon


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