Weekend Whereabouts

This weekend I went to Atlanta for a little weekend getaway. Sometimes I just get so wrapped up in my everyday life, I need a break from everything and sometimes everyone-not you of course. And you know it wouldn’t be my life if I went to Atlanta and got a ton of R&R (rest and relaxation).

I knew this trip was going to be amazing because when I arrived in Atlanta late Friday night, I ended up getting upgraded to an executive suite at the Glenn Hotel. The Glenn Hotel is close to a lot of Atlanta attractions, just a quick walk through Centennial Park is the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola Museum. The CNN Center and Phillips Arena are also just around the corner. Not only is the location fantastic, but it has plays home to one of Atlanta’s best rooftop bars, Sky Lounge-I have yet to make it up there. There is also a bar in the lobby and restaurant, Glenn Kitchen.

I did get a chance to eat at Glenn Kitchen during this visit for breakfast and it was delish. After breakfast I decided a morning stroll was needed, so I walked through Centennial Park, I almost wrote a post but decided to wait. 

My main reason for going to Atlanta this weekend was the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival. I’ll tell you all about it later, but know I had a blast and due to alcohol and lack of sleep I was in bed by 7 pm trying to take a nap.
I did arrive at the festival earlier than necessary, which led me on a walk through Midtown Atlanta. While I feel the “big city” doesn’t relax most people because everyone is so go go go, I feel at home in the middle of all of the insanity. My walk ultimately led me to the Atlanta Botannical Gardens. 
If you don’t know much about Atlanta, the Botannical gardens are located right on the edge of Piedmont Park-what I equate to the Central Park of Atlanta, complete with fields, trails, a pond and skyline views. 
For about $20, I was able to check out the gardens, which I had not been to but had heard great things about. I’m not much of a stay around and linger type of guy, which I think I get from my grandpa, so I got in and got out. I’m not much of a nature person either, I’ll do outdoor things but the whole stop, stare and admire the view thing last about 20 seconds with me. Luckily, the Atlanta Botannical Gardens had animals and creatures built from plants that slowed me down.

The Atlanta Botannical Garden is definitely on my to do list of things to check out again. It is a perfect outing for a family or even a date. I have also decided it may be a great wedding reception venue-if I ever find a partner and he agrees. 
After my excursion to the Botannical gardens, I footed it back to the Midtown area for the festival. It was amazing as I said before. I cannot wait for next year’s.
Well because of my nap, not much else happened except a quick late night dinner at Henry’s Tavern and then Blake’s in Midtown.
I did get a chance to catch a quick brunch at Empire State South. It was fantastic!

Unfortunately, my car decided to act a donkey upon arriving in town, so it’s out of commission at the moment. I wondered if I had driven too fast! 
Well I hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did!

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