Ehhhh Bravo?

My weekend had a small glitch in the start, but it appears things are going to be smooth sailing from here. I was suppose to meet a few coworkers at Brew in the Zoo at the Greenville Zoo last night, but the rain kept us from going.  I was a little disappointed, seeing that this was my first year I was actually off of work and could go.

Instead of Brew in the Zoo we met at Bravo on Main Street in Downtown Greenville. Bravo has taken the place of what was previously Guatelajara and then Azteca. I didn’t get to try either of those restaurants, but apparently with the new owner and new name came a new menu. 

I was the first to arrive of our party and the restaurant wasn’t very busy for it to be a Friday night. I just assumed the rain kept people away. While I was waiting on the rest of my party I ordered the sangria and the wait staff brought fried tortilla shells (instead of chips) and salsa. I usually don’t like ordering sangria from restaurants because they are sometimes made with a syrupy mix. This one was actually descent, although the fruit in it wasn’t too good.

For my dinner I had the shrimp orzteca (I think that’s what it was called). I didn’t care for it. It reminded me of shrimp Alfredo, but the shrimp was tough. And yes, I know, who orders pasta at a Mexican restaurant? There was a couple sitting at the table next to ours, and the lady had it and it looked so good.

Everyone else seemed to enjoye their food. The service was pretty good, our waiter, Steve, was extremely nice and thorough. He had a little trouble keeping up when it got busy, but he was still great none the less. 

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