The Southern Growl grand opening

It seems like everytime I plan to have a chill weekend at the house, the entertainment fairy comes up with a list full of other things that strike my interest. Somehow my Saturday night went from nothing to me not getting home until around 2. 

After my afternoon nap I took a trip to Greer, SC to check out The Southern Growl because it was their grand opening. The Southern Growl is the newest member of the Upstate’s craft beer bar/pub community, located in Greer near the intersection of Buncombe Rd and Wade Hampton Blvd. 

Now, I will say this was my first time at a beer bar/pub (geez, I don’t even know what to call it). I’m not a beer drinker, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I did enjoy the atmosphere. It was very laid back and just really chill. I’m sure I would’ve stayed a little while longer, had I not been alone. They had a stack of board games that I’m sure will keep patrons entertained in the days, and nights, to come.
The beer obviously isn’t the reason I went to check this place out. I had heard a food truck from Greer was going to be in attendance. Yea, I couldn’t believe Greer had a food truck. It’s named Dark Corner Diner, and is run by one of the chef’s from a restaurant I went to before it closed, but didn’t get to blog about called The Owl. 
I ordered the roast beef on ciabatta with radish slaw, grilled onions and black pepper mayo for dinner, and went inside to try beer for the 10th time with my sandwich. I knew that with 60 different craft beers I was sure I could find something to tickle my fancy. I ended up having the Abita Strawberry Harvest. The food was AH-MAZING, the beer ehhhh not my favorite, but then again no beer is. 

I did end up drinking my entire pint, but I’ll just stick to wine and liquor unless an occasion calls for me to have another pint of beer, which I’m sure is sooner than you think because Brew in the Zoo is Friday, May 3. If you are a beer drinker definitely check this place out with your friends, by yourself, or just go fill up your growler. (By the way, just hanging out here made me want to get an empty growler just to feel cool)
Well that was the beginning to my very interesting night. 

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