Restaurant Review: Southern Thymes

While doing a little wedding venue hunting, my friend Layla and I stopped by Southern Thymes Cafe for a bite to eat. She was apparently “starving”, we were in the Greer area, and I had a livingsocial deal that was about to expire.

Southern Thymes Cafe is located right in Downtown Greer on Poinsette Street. With it’s small southern town charm, it would only be fitting for Greer to have a down home restaurant in downtown. Southern Thyme has a pretty diverse menu ranging from fried catfish sandwiches to smothered pork chop and chicken and waffles. They even serve breakfast food.
I had the fried catfish sandwich with macaroni and cheese. I wasn’t impressed, but seeing that I had eaten about 2 hours before I probably just wasn’t hungry. 

Layla had the Rooster sandwich with fried okra. She loved it! I tasted some of her okra and thought it was quite tasty.

We also had fried pickles for an appetizer. They have some kind of spicey seasoning on them, so if you don’t like heat, don’t get them.
Banana pudding was dessert. I had been craving some! It wasn’t amazing, but got the job done.

Overall, Southern Thymes was just ok. If I was hungry and in the area, I might go back but it wouldn’t be on my “need to go back” list. Southern Thyme Cafe on Urbanspoon

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