Wedding planning chronicles…venue shopping!

I had an amazing day yesterday! My bestest friend since 9th grade (long time I know), Layla, is pregnant with her second child and engaged. I’ve always wondered in what order my friends would get married, and the order it’s working out in I probably wouldn’t have guessed. Layla is going to be friend number 3! 

So back to yesterday, we are on the hunt for wedding venues, outside everything preferred but I’m trying to get her to understand the consequences of such, like rain. Seeing that I attempted to travel down this road with Captain Seahorse a couple of years ago and I am an “up and coming event planner”, I thought it best to assist in this planning process.
We visited 2 locations yesterday, The View at Buckhorn Creek and Greer City Hall and park. 
The View at Buckhorn Creek was an interesting place. It was located on or near Paris Mountain. I recognized State Park Road as the address, and have made Paris Mountain and State Park Road synonymous with each other. It does have a great view of the mountains. I think it would be really nice for a fall wedding. It is also pretty versatile in how you what to set things up. You can have your ceremony under big trees or with a mountain backdrop, and the reception can either be on the patio or under a tent in the field. I obviously walked onto the property and started coming up with several ideas in my head. 

The grooms room was pretty cool, as well as the bridal suite. There was even a nice little dining room off of the bridal suite, that I have already planned a brunch for if this is where she decides to go.
Between venue searching we grabbed lunch in downtown Greer at Southern Thyme Cafe. I’ll review it for you later.
The Greer City Hall and Park was an okay place. We didn’t have an appointment, so we just kind of walked through and gave ourselves a tour. To me there just wasn’t much to it. It gave me the feel of a ballroom, which seems like more work.

I did enjoy the amphitheater. I tried my best to sell it. If she goes with it, Greer owes me commission. I even came up with solutions so people wouldn’t have to sit on the ground! 
If I had to guess between the two I’m pretty sure she would go with Buckhorn Creek, but I can never tell with her. Stay tuned, I’m sure I’ll be letting you know about the rest of the wedding planning adventures. Her babyshower is next week!! 


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