Wine and the Artist known as Mr J Sully

Last night, was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a while. I took a wine and painting class with Mrs Brûlée at Vino and Van Gogh. I have been to quite a few of these classes at various places through out Greenville, but this class was a bit different. Instead of painting on canvas and being taught how to paint a particular picture, we painted a set of wine glasses! 
Mrs Brûlée sent me the link to the event on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and I happened to have the night off so it was practically meant to be. I meant night off, wine, paint, and wine glasses, did she even need to wonder if I was going?

Last night’s class was a new one from Vino and Van Gogh and Marquin, the owner, actually teamed up with Julia, owner of Milia Laine, to host the class! Marquin said her classes are usually done on canvases and she does everything from abstract paintings to paintings of dogs and sailboats. Be sure to check out for a class schedule!
Julia brought some samples of her wine accessories from Milia Laine. I didn’t see any for myself, but Mrs Brûlée did buy a fabulous wine bottle topper! Make sure you check out for gifts for yourself or the wine lover in your life. You can even send me a few! 
Now, everyone received a set of 4 wine glasses with their choice of stem or stemless. Upon arrival, Marquin helped us get our paint for the project, allowing us to choose out own colors. After everyone was settled, she began the class showing us techniques on how to paint our glasses. We used dots, stripes, swirls and waves.

It was so neat to see how everyone’s glasses turned out so unique and different! Mrs Brûlée and I said we should start our own etsy! It was so much fun and highly recommended! 

After the class, I took Mrs Brûlée on a culinary adventure to The Local Taco. It was as amazing as ever. Mrs Brûlée practically fell in love with the turnip greens! 

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