Dating…Round 2

So Sargent Simpleton and I didn’t workout, apprently I’m too quiet. Yes, i know, it’s barely been 2 weeks! So now it’s on to the next. 

I was in Charlotte over the weekend just to get away, and ended meeting a guy while out on Saturday night. We met at a club, yes I know…don’t date people you meet in clubs, but hey I’m all for a crazy adventure. 
It was quite funny, I had just finished a drink and was looking for my friends when we caught each other’s eye. His friend knudged him to get him to talk to me, and he walked to the bar. Then his friend pushed him towards me, only for him to walk to the edge of the dance floor. By this time, I assumed he wasn’t coming to talk to me so the search for my friends continued. Well he finally came over and introduced himself, and we exchanged numbers. 
This led to a little texting later in the night and brunch the next morning at Cracker Barrell-yes, I know, not my typical eatery but I don’t know much about the Charlotte dining scene and apparently this is on of his favorite spots for breakfast food. It was also close to the highway in case I needed a quick getaway. Just kidding. 
After brunch, we caught the light rail to uptown Charlotte. He thought it would be a good experience for me to ride the light rail since I hadn’t done it before. The afternoon was filled with a walk around Uptown and some casual conversation. Apparently he doesn’t go Uptown often, seeing he was really excited about some of the newer buildings and the baseball park.

I’d have to say this was one of the better first dates I’ve had. We’ve agreed to keep in touch and I guess we will see where things go. 

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