A little Valentine’s Day help!

So, Valentine’s Day is a little over a week away and just in case some of you are still unsure of what to do for that special someone, I have come up with a list to help. This list does cater to things in the Greenville, South Carolina area, but if you are located elsewhere I’m sure you can find similar things to do. Just so you all know, I would never suggest anything I wouldn’t like, or have not done and enjoyed myself.

  • Number 1
  • Dinner at Cellar 912

    I put this as number 1, because this is Greenville’s first pop-up restaurant. Now, if you haven’t heard of pop-up restaurants, it is quite an interesting concept. Usually a chef wants to try out a new restaurant concept, so he, or she, sets up shop in an event space or old warehouse for a limited time. Depending on the response the chef may choose to use this concept in a new restaurant, or they may just continue to do the pop-up thing to bring new and fresh ideas to the restaurant scene. Whatever the case is for Cellar 912, it is coming February 13-15 and I’m sure you don’t want to miss it.

    For $50 you get a 4 course meal with a wine pairing. Check out the website to see the menu and make your reservations!
    Cellar 912

  • Number 2
  • Cooking Class

    Who wants to be stuck in the kitchen cooking for their special someone, while they do God knows what? Not me! Cooking classes are a fun way to cook for each other, while cooking together. It is also a fun way to learn new cooking techniques and recipes. Charleston Cooks! and The Cook’s Station both offer couples cooking classes.

    Check out their websites and see about making reservations!

  • Number 3
  • BYOB Painting Class

    Yes, that’s right a bring your own beverage painting class! I’ve done several of these and they make great dates! Why not check out each other’s artistic side, plus you will be loosened up by the alcohol to let your inhibitions go about how terrible of a painter you were when you were 11. Add dinner to this and you will be in for a great night!

  • Number 4
  • Culinary Tour

    This is my last suggestion for a couple of reasons one, they tend to book pretty quickly so chances are if they have one on they day after Valentine’s Day it is already booked. Two, the restaurants they visit are pretty popular so this could be an early or late Valentine’s surprise as a last resort to get you out of the dog house.

    It will definitely be a fun time to take a walking tour around downtown Greenville, while enjoying some of Greenville’s most prized restaurants and your sweetie. Why eat at just ONE restaurant on Valentine’s Day when you could eat at 4 or 5!

    Check our the website to get your tickets and reserve your time!
    Greenville Culinary Tour

I hope I at least gave you a start for your Valentine’s day plans! If not candy, flowers, makeovers and massages work too, at least most of the time!s

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